Best Selling Tips for a Successful Online Store


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Here’s another sneak peak into the new Mom-preneur Blog & Etsy Guide packed with tips to have a successful online store. It’s only $19.95 and is a compilation of advice from over 80 women in business! {{squeal in delight}}

Today’s quick sneak peek is from the chapter “Best Selling Practices, Advertising, and Etsy Tips.” Here are several different ideas that work towards having a successful online store.

What Do You Consider Your Best Selling Tip?

Communication is key. Emails, blog posts, photo tags are all important but nothing so much as a hand written note. I try to send one with every order as well as to send my customers a Christmas card. I also send my best customers a box of candy at Christmas thanking them for the year. Tabetha

Offer as much reason for people to come to your site in the first place: great content, interesting stories, lots of value. When you give that to people on a daily basis, they’re going to be ready to put out some cash when the time comes.  Tara

Always provide great customer service and offer discounts and specials regularly.  Jennifer

Be passionate about what you do and be sure to be actively involved in your product. In my case, I sell supplies such as fabric and patterns, but when I actually started talking more enthusiastically about the quilts I was making and other projects I’m working on, it seemed that my sales increased.  Anna

Strong, high-quality images. A picture is worth a thousand words. Cheri

Amazing customer service spreads your business name like wild fire. Go above and beyond with any small or large issues and people will remember you. Terri with

Get the product reviewed by people (word of mouth is best!) and make your site friendly.  Liberty

Relist on Etsy!  Keep your listings fresh and toward the top of the list.  Tag and label your items wisely.  Change it up!  Doing something different and unique keeps interest and feels like playing. Custom work always forces me out of my comfort zone and keeps me from getting stagnant or burned out. Find out what people want.  Custom work also keeps me current.  I know what customers want because they tell me, and I invite them to join me in the creation process with a lot of communication and photos.  Heather

If you like this sneak peek, you’ll LOVE the rest of the Mom-preneur Blog & Etsy Guide! It also includes three bonus checklists that you’ll never want to be without.

eBook Cover Mom-preneur.jpg
Get your copy of the e-Book
Mom-preneur Blog & Etsy Guide
only $19.95


  1. Comment-Anonymous Lisa

    My tip is to always get the buyer what they want. This is so easy on, buyers list what they want and then the seller can find them. That way as the seller you can get them exactly what they want at the price they want. I love it!

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    I actually added your blog to my favorites and will look forward for more updates. Great Job, Keep it up.

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