17 Fresh Veggie Tray and Vegetable Dip Platters {recipes}


How to make fresh veggy tray and vegetable dip platters in unique shapes and designs.  You’re sure to wow your party guests with these veggie trays, crudite, bouquets, game day vegetable platter, scarecrow platter, skeleton platter, turkey tray, Christmas tree platter and homemade dips.   There is nothing quite like fresh vegetables with a twist, and these recipes will give you tons of ideas on how to make them spectacular.  {{knuckle bumps}}

Here are 1337 Recipes with pictured tutorials and directions if you’’re looking for more healthy snack ideas.

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veggie platter

Party Vegetable Tray Ideas

Veggie bouquets

1.  Veggie Bouquets {Food Ideas} ~ Forget the boring veggie tray.  These individual veggie bouquets are sure to be a huge hit at your next party.


edible bouquet

2.  Vegetable Bouquet {how to} ~ Adding vegetables to skewers is a fun alternative to a traditional veggie tray.  There’s a video available to watch and learn how.


Veggie tray

3.  DIY Farmer’s Market Vegetable Tray ~ The more veggies you add to a tray the more colorful and beautiful it becomes.

radish roses

4.  How to Make Radish Roses for a Vegetable Tray ~ Learn the tips and tricks to turning a radish into a beautiful rose.

Vegetable Platter Ideas

game day veggie platter

5.  Game Day Vegetable Platter ~ Touchdown with this healthy game day snack option.  Celery slices, string cheese and pretzels were used to make the football field.

lady bug veggie tray

6.  Ladybug Vegetable Idea ~ Instead of Ritz crackers for the base try using a cucumber slice.

Veggie Tray

bunny bread and veggie tray

7.  Bunny Bread and Vegetable Tray ~ Skip the chocolate Easter bunny and bring on a healthy snack.  Frozen bread dough was used to make the bunny and the belly is perfect for holding the dip.

Elmo Vegetable Tray

Elmo veggie tray

8.  Elmo Vegetable Tray ~ Turning fresh veggies into a child’s favorite character is a sure way to get them to eat their veggies!  {{wink}}

Veggie Dip Ideas

Crudite with dip

9.  Crudité with Buttermilk Pepper Dip {Dinner Party Foods} ~ Start off your dinner party, or any gathering, with this beautiful and easy crudité  and buttermilk pepper dip.  Serve them in individual glasses so your guests can enjoy them while they mingle instead of standing around the serving table.
Scarecrow veggie tray
10.  Scarecrow Veggie Tray & Dill Dip ~ A classic dip perfect for dipping fresh vegetables.  Made with lowfat sour cream, mayonnaise and dill.

Halloween Vegetable Ideas

veggie skeleton

11.  Veggie Skeleton {appetizer} ~ Halloween treats don’t all have to be sugary and spooky. Here is a fun and healthy idea that uses all naturally colored vegetables.

halloween veggie tray

12.  Halloween Veggie Tray ~ Carrots are perfect for creating a pumpkin veggie tray.  Accent with other vegetable favorites.

Thanksgiving Vegetable Ideas

turkey veggie tray

13. Turkey Vegetable Tray ~ We are in love with this turkey tray. The vegetable turkey is arranged AROUND the dip, which adds an extra dimension that is just lovely. The dip integrated into the turkey is just plain fabulous.

turkey veggie tray

13.  Turkey Veggie Tray ~  Gobble gobble!  Turn your fresh veggies into a healthy turkey appetizer.  How cute would this be as a centerpiece?!

Terrific Turkey veggie tray

14.  Terrific Turkey Veggie Tray ~ Layer sliced cucumbers and bell peppers to make a Terrific Turkey!

Christmas Vegetable Tray Ideas

christmas tree veggie tray

15.  Christmas Tree Veggie Tray ~ How clever is this Christmas tree vegetable tray?!  The cheese presents are a fabulous addition.

Caprese Wreath

16.  Caprese Wreath ~ This wreath puts a unique twist on a Caprese salad. All of the traditional ingredients are attached to a styrofoam wreath form with toothpicks.
Christmas tree crudite
17.  Christmas Tree Crudite {Edible Christmas Crafts}Wow the guests at your next Christmas party with this beautiful Christmas tree crudité.  The detailed tutorial will show you how to create this beautiful centerpiece yourself and have your guests talking about it all season long.
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