Make Christmas Morning Fun for Everyone

A warm welcome to everyone coming from Moms Favorite Stuff! I hope you’re enjoying the festivities leading up to Toy Tuesday, December 8th.

If you’re just now joining us, we’re having virtual play time (or a blog hop) and sharing our favorite toys, toy trends, and places to buy them for the best bargains of the year.

After my tips on making Christmas Day more fun for everyone,
learn how to enter to win a $250 gift card
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I have 3 boys, two of which are only 22 months apart.  There can be some serious competition and disappointment on Christmas morning if I neglect to keep a few things in mind while toy shopping.  Therefore, I thought I’d share with you my philosophy on Christmas toy buying which makes Christmas morning more fun for everyone.

The Tip Junkie’s Christmas Toy Philosophy:  Limit your gifts to 4-8 (depending on cost) for each child.  Make sure there are a variety of good quality toys so nothing breaks and there’s plenty to do throughout Christmas day.  This ensures no one is disappointed or is bored an hour after opening presents.

1.  First, know what your child wants. I take into consideration my boys’ wish list and their likes and dislikes.  You can have the best variety of toys imaginable but if it doesn’t cater to their special interests then it’s still a no-go.

2.  Next, I like to make sure my boys each get:

  • Something to build
  • A video game to play
  • A toy for their imagination
  • An item to build on whatever they are collecting
  • Something to play with outside
  • A board game
  • A big gift from Santa

Any of these qualities can be combined for one toy.  For instance my boys’ favorite Christmas gifts have combined “something to build” with “a toy for their imagination”.  Having a wide range of toys expands their uses, creativity, play time, and excitement throughout the day.

2005-12-28 082

Things to Build:  Marble Run, K-nex, Bionicles

Favorite Video Games: My Sims Agents, Star Wars Legos, Mario Kart

2007-12-25 266

My Favorite Toys We’ve Collected:  Anything Star Wars, Imaginext, Legos

2009-01-17 034

From Santa: Santa gifts are usually large and go for the shock value.  I don’t go overboard on price but I do try to make it fun and unique.

Other options to consider:

  • Art supplies:  to paint, draw, or create.  Play-Doh, Pixo’s, and craft kits
  • Electronics:  MP3 player, DS, radio, spy gear, watch, Funkeys, computer game

Entertaining Toys:

  • Zoom-o (surprisingly fun for $10)
  • Anything Nerf
  • Air Hogs (the new ones are more durable)

5. I try to keep things fair:

  • The same number of gifts or price range for each child.
  • Size matters with boys! So I make sure each kiddo has the same number of “large” wrapped gifts.  Even if I have to put a toy inside a larger box.  {{evil laugh}}
  • Same number of items in stocking and I try to have larger items next to stocking for shock value when the boys come down the stairs.

So what’s your toy buying philosophy?

Feel free to leave a comment which automatically enters you to win a $250 gift card.  Details below.

Huge thanks to Bill Me Later for organizing such an informative and fun play time.  Feel free to check out all the blogs participating and their favorite toys and money saving deals. They’re worth the read.

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What is Toy Tuesday?

Toy Tuesday will occur on December 8th and is a one day sale event held over on Bill Me Later’s website. You’ll find all kinds of amazing deals to wrap up all your holiday shopping from these stores:

Toys R Us
eToys Mercantila (trampolines)
FAO Schwarz
Little Tikes MacMall
Step 2 and moreÂ…


Bill Me Later wants to get YOUR attention and to do so they’ve not only come up with a really fun campaign that introduces you to some new bloggers and new toys, but they are putting up some serious CASH and discounts!

Toy Tuesday Overview Copy

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How To Enter

Share what toys you are most excited about giving this year
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P.S.  Toy Junkie’s, tomorrow head on over to Bargain Briana for her toy tips and another $750 in giveaways.



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  1. The BEST thing I did this year for toy buying, was hitting all the after Christmas clearance sales in January!! I bought a couple of the “big” gifts at amazing prices, and even a few small things that have come in handy for those emergency birthday gifts. It had given me so much less to stress about gift buying this year. Leaving more time to focus on the real meaning of Christmas!

  2. I’m excited to be giving a drum set to my youngest son 13yr. the best part, we traded for it!!!

    would love to win!

  3. I get at least one thing on their wish list and have it be from Santa. I usually make at least one home made item (in years past I’ve done scrapbooks in a pencil box. this year I’ll make some rice bags you can heat in the micro to stay cozy). They always get new PJ’s and their favorite cereal. Other than that, it’s a few extra things here and there.
    Hope I win!

  4. I am most excited about giving a bunch of toys I found on clearance in July and being able to use the money I “saved” to give them gift cards to be used toward our 1st Disney World trip! My children’s birthdays are both near Christmas and I love gifts that can be used throughout the year not just right at Christmas!

  5. I am totally psyched about giving my 5 and 3 yo the Leapster 2. They are totally into the computer and this way they each get one and less fighting. I can’t wait to give my 18mo. a kitchen and food….he’s so into little things, gadgets and even cleaning up.

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