8 Genius Ways to Make DIY Aqua Mats


Looking for ways to give your floors a little makeover?  Treat your indoor or outdoor flooring to a quick and easy makeover with a brand new, made-with-love area rug!  The best part about these rugs and outdoor rugs is that they are water repellent and stain resistant.  Some of the DIY ideas include stenciling, painting, using a tablecloth and fabric.   

We’ve taken away all the guess work on how to make aqua mats with these incredible tutorials. For even more ways to decorate your home Tip Junkie’s Creative Community has over over 2300 tutorials. You can always search there if you’’re looking for more tutorials with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

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Aqua Mat

Fabric Floorcloth

1.  Fabric Floorcloth ~ Ever wished you could take all that cute fabric out there and make a rug out of it? With this fabulous tutorial you can! Easier than you might think, and fairly inexpensive. A stylish and functional accessory to add to almost any room!

DIY Braided Rug

2.  DIY Braided Rug ~ This rug is perfect for the back door or bathroom, and thanks to this tutorial you can easily make one yourself! All you’ll need is some canvas, fabric strips, sewing glue, yarn and polycrylic spray! While it is easy, it’ll take some time, so get your favorite movies on que to watch during the process!


How to Waterproof & Repel Stains on Fabric

3.  How to Waterproof & Repel Stains on Fabric ~ Turn any rug into a waterproof floorcloth using Thompson’s WaterSeal FabricSeal.  Simply spray on, let dry and repeat.

DIY Fabric Rug

4.  DIY Fabric Rug ~ This rug is so stylish, patterned fabric is such a hot trend right now! Best of all, it’s just a rubber door mat covered with your choice of fabric! Follow this great tutorial using fabric, scissors, spray adhesive and a water based polyurethane and you will have a fabulous rug to help accessorize your home!

Area Rugs

How to Make a Custom Rug

5.  How to Make a Custom Rug ~ A scrap of vinyl flooring was covered in fabric to make a gorgeous custom rug.  Polyurethane was used to make waterproof and stain repellent.

Stenciled Vinyl Rug

6.  Stenciled Vinyl Rug ~ With this fabulous tutorial you’ll learn how to take a piece of vinyl from your local hardware store and turn it into a stylish rug! A perfect accessory to make a statement in your space that can easily be changed out!

Outdoor Rugs

How to Turn a Tablecloth into an Outdoor Rug

7.  How to Turn a Tablecloth into an Outdoor Rug ~ Accessorize your floors indoor or outdoor with a rug made from a tablecloth!  Seriously!  All you have to do is roll on a water based polyurethane.

Outdoor Painted Rug

8.  Outdoor Painted Rug ~ Check out this tutorial where you’ll learn how to create a stylish outdoor rug! Super easy and cost effective to make using tape and paint. Seal with your favorite polyurethane. Perfect for a sunroom or covered patio! 


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