Make a Gift Box out of a Cereal Box


Gift BoxI love finding cool gift wrapping ideas for my homemade gifts.  If I can create a semi-handmade gift box out of something I already have at home, that’s even better!  I found this fun idea on how to make a gift box out of a cereal box.  How cool is that!

Gift Box

How to create gorgeous gift boxes from recycled cereal boxes from Creative Jewish Mom.

Carefully open the box along it’s seams and turn inside out.  Flatten box on work surface and print with polka dots in this manner: Find a flat round object to use as a stamp, using a paint brush apply paint to object and firmly press onto box. Make sure you don’t use too much paint and that paint is sticky, not runny.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, you can also check out these version of cereal box gift wrap:



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  3. Comment-Anonymous Misty

    My mom would start saving every type of box a few months before Christmas. We’d all take turns helping to wrap presents in her room and there would be cereal boxes, snack boxes, even candy boxes. She liked the way things looked wrapped in all different shapes and sizes of boxes, rather than a bunch of same sized department store boxes.

    One time, when she a grand-daughter unwrapped her gift and it was Lucky Charms she was so excited, only to be completely disappointed, to tears, that it was a dress! She wanted the Lucky Charms!!

    I continue the tradition somewhat. These are beautiful! I should make a few for my mom for sure!

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    What a genius idea!!!!

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