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40 Awesome Gifts to Make for Boys


What to make for boys this year for Christmas presents is no longer the question! Here are the best gift ideas to make for your son, grandson or nephew! These home made gifts are perfect for boys and include pictured tutorials for a DIY car caddy, a dress up station, a card table fort pattern, a children’s tool bench, a lego a car table, a teepee, a snack bandolier, a skateboard sling, a wallet, money cuff,  tons of dress up ideas, games, and so much more!

40 Awesome Gifts to Make for Boys

Awesome Gifts to Make for Boys Kids Zone Tents

As always, the Tip Junkie Homemade Gifts site has hundreds of pictured tutorials with free patterns for Homemade Gifts for boys so you can always search there if you’re looking for something specific. {wink}


Best Gift Ideas

 Car Caddy

1.  DIY Car Caddy ~ Now their little cars can be portable and you don’t have to tell them to leave them at home.  With this handy dandy car caddy, they can organize their cars and safely transport them to the store, church or on car rides!  {{score}} Dress Up Station {trash to treasure}

2.  Dress Up Station {trash to treasure} ~ Made from an old entertainment cabinet, this dress up station turns trash into cute treasure! Perfect for a child’s room or game room. Just change out the accessories for a boy and his superhero costumes! Card Table Fort

3.  Card Table Fort Pattern ~ Grab a full sized sheet and make magic for the boys in your life!  They are going to LOVE a fort made for a card table!  Just make sure you’ve got your measurements right before you start sewing!  {wink} Tool Bench

4.  Children’s Tool Bench ~  Everyone needs a good space to create and this children’s tool bench from a DIY book shelf kit and some extra screws and fixtures from a ‘real’ tool bench will delight your future carpenter!   Here’s another version, too! Lego and Cars Table

5.  Lego and Car Table ~ Using an IKEA side table, you can design a table using legos that will be a play area your child will undoubtedly play on every single day.  The table is great with legos and cars because multiple play can occur on it!

Target Building Instructions

6.  Target Building Tutorial ~ The most important aspect of this target is the PVC frame.  The tutorial walks you through making a frame that can double as a target and golf game.  The best part is that the frame can be taken apart to be stored easily!

Fort Ideas


{click on image for source}

7.  Teepees ~  Oh how I love the idea of indoor teepees or forts and this post has some lovely teepees to get some ideas as well as tutorials to make them as a gift! Crayon Monster Art Tote Tutorial 8.  Crayon Monster Art Tote Tutorial ~  I love that this adorable crayon monster tote is made with fleece and partially decorated with the crayons that it carries.  It’s a simple project with a big impact! Here’s another Monster Art Tote version that’s adorable too.

What to Make for Boys To Wear

How to Make A Snack Bandolier

9.  How to Make A Snack Bandolier ~ Inspired by a Chewbacca bandolier owned by her husband when he was young this is such a creative and fun gift for a boy. Skateboard Sling 10.  Skateboard Sling ~ Boys don’t get nearly as excited about homemade goodness as girls do once they get to be teenagers but I think this sling just might be an exception.  It’ll get their board the places it can’t be ridden in style!

How To Make A Leather Cuff Watch

11.  How To Make A Leather Cuff Watch ~ This is made using re-used suede leather. Great for the boys and men in your life.  Plus, it’s an affordable way to “beef-up” inexpensive watch. wallet

12.  How To make a Boys Wallet ~ This easy canvas wallet is the perfect boys wallet because the pattern is simple.  It can be given to you little boy or teenager and embellished if it’s too plain for their liking!

Money Cuff

13.  Money Cuff {Tutorial} ~ With the new school year growing near, your kids and teens may need or want to start carrying around a little cash for snacks or the gift shop.  Help them keep track of it with one of these handy money cuffs.


DIY Geoboard

14.  Geoboard ~ This geoboard tutorial is easy peasy and your kids will love it!  Plus, the author built a few and learned from her mistakes so we don’t have to make the same ones when making a geoboard of our own!

Wooly Willy game

15.  Wooly Willy Knock Off ~ Remember the game Wooly Willy?  Well, this knock off game version is tons of fun, especially at dinner time!

Homemade Toy Patterns

Obi Wan and Darth Vader Hand Puppets

16.  Obi Wan and Darth Vader Hand Puppets ~ This isn’t a tutorial but I thought it was a fun and different handmade gift for a boy.

Star Wars Finger Puppets

17.  Star Wars Finger Puppets ~ Your Star Wars die hard fan is going to love these finger puppets.  Who knows, they might even inspire them to dress up like the finger puppets! Jedi Robe pattern

18.  Jedi Robe Pattern ~ I guarantee that your Jedi lover will go crazy for this robe in which to use his light saber!

Angry Birds

angry birds

19. Angry Birds Bowling Game ~  A few empty vegetable cans, some spray paint, a ball and some art work and you have yourself a fun Angry Bird Bowling game!

DIY Cars Games

 Road for Play Cars

20.  DIY Road for Play Cars ~ I just adore this DIY road for play cars by Being Brook.  It’s made of felt and makes use of puffy paint.  {{squealing}} Car Race Games

21.  Car Race Game ~  Easy to make, easy to play, this game will teach to count while they play.  Just add some cars!

DIY Gun Tutorials

Water Gun Holster

22.  Water Gun Holster Tutorial ~  Whip up a few of these holsters to help your kiddos hold their water guns in style.  They’ll be the  coolest kids on the block! Marshmallow Gun

23.  Miniature Marshmallow Gun ~ These miniature marshmallow guns are so much fun!  You place a mini marshmallow into the end of the gun, blow on the other end and the marshmallow aims at the target.  The tutorial includes instructions for the pvc pipe gun and goggles.

Homemade Costume Patterns

 Green Army Man Costume

24.  How To Make a Green Army Man Costume ~  There’s a real kid in there, I promise and the tutorial for making this costume is fabulous. Home Made Astronaut

25.  Home Made Astronaut Costume ~  Duct tape, a balloon, paper mache and a thrift store snow suit are all that’s needed to make a fabulous astronaut costume perfect for the astronaut in training. Buzz Light Year

26.  Buzz Light Year Costume ~  You’ll be amazed at the creative use of household items to make this fun Buzz Light Year costume!

27.  Simple Cowboy & Cowgirl Costume Pattern ~ Even a  novice with a sewing machine can sew these simple costumes in just a few hours time! pirate

28.  Pirate ~ You can easily make a no sew pirate costume for your little one with a trip to the fabric store and Target and a pair of scissors and all for about $5! star wars

29.  Star Wars ~  Your child will go wild for this Chewbacca bandolier bag that they can use to make any outfit Star War-ized.  Everything used to make the bag was found around the house or at a thrift store, so this truly is a craft that you can make for mere pennies! king crown

30.  King ~ This pattern for a Wise Man crown is fabulous because you can use it to make a crown for royalty and really, who doesn’t want to be a king or prince?  I love that you can absolutely customize the shapes and colors.  {{score}} superhero

31.  Superhero Cape ~ This tutorial will show you how to make the perfect superhero cape.  The pattern is perfect!  I know because my boys have a few and I highly recommend it.  The velcro closure is genius. construction vest

32.  Construction ~ Every hard hat worker needs a vest and this tutorial will help you whip one up in no time!  It’s the perfect gift for that little guy who loves big equipment! doctor bag

33.  Doctor Bag ~  Isn’t this flannel doctor bag fabulous?  Your little guy can done his white coat and get to work healing the sick with his flannel “tool kit”. fireman costume

34.  Fireman ~  Can you believe that this Fireman’s costume was made for under $15 and from a women’s shirt?  Save yourself about $50 and make your guy a fireman’s costume this holiday season for hours of play!

Pilot dress up

35.  Fighter Pilots ~ Do you have an aviator lover?  Then you’ll love this tutorial for making fighter pilot caps, jackets and goggles!

magician cuffs

36.  Magician ~ I just fell in love with these cuffs when I saw them and thought they’d make the perfect cuffs for a magician.  Wouldn’t it be cute to make a cape with these cuffs for a magician costume? dinosaur hoodie DIY

37.  Dinosaur Hoodies ~ I just adore these dinosaur hoodies.  This tutorial will show you how to make your own.  Why not make a gift of a hoodie and a gift to a dinosaur museum? dress up costume

38.  Dress Up Costumes ~  Little boys love dress up clothes and what better gift than dress up costumes?  Here are 15 ideas of things to put together for dress up costumes. Pillow Shields

39.  Pillow Shields ~ I just love the idea of a personalized shield pillow and I bet the boy in your life will too.  There are so many possibilities with fabric choices and ribbon! Super Hero Masks

40.  Super Hero Mask ~ All you need is felt, elastic and brads to make these fun and unique super hero masks sure to make your “super hero” happy.

40 Awesome Gifts to Make for Boys

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  1. I have 3 girls that are going to love the dress up station! Also I agree that there are more out there for girls so I think this is a great idea also considering I have 3 nephews that I never know what to get them and now i have several ideas 🙂 Thanks for sharing

  2. Hi everyone! I’m actually new here. I have two little boys and they love almost everything given to them which makes it difficult for my wife and I to buy them the best little boy gifts. Thanks for your post. Now I have more options.

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