10 Gift Ideas for Crafters


Do you need a gift for that crafty friend who is always coming up with amazing projects? Are you intimidated because you think anything you get them won’t live up to their creativity standards? What do you get for the crafter that has everything?

Don’t worry, we have you covered! Shopping for a creative person may be challenging, but it isn’t impossible. There are plenty of gift ideas out there that embrace and encourage their creative side. Here are a few of our favorites.

unique craft storage

{Photo credit: Kim Six}

1 Unique Craft Storage

One thing almost every crafter can use is more storage for all their supplies. Sure, you could just buy an organizer at a box store, but a gift becomes so much more meaningful when it is homemade and unique.
This supply organizer is simple to make and extremely versatile. If your recipient is into painting, brush lettering or watercolors, gift them a pencil or brush bag. This DIY version, made with fabric scraps and a VELCRO® Brand closure, lets you personalize the fabric and color to match their personality—and use up any craft supplies you may have on hand!

 2 DIY Class

No matter how advanced someone is at their craft, they can always learn more. In-person or online classes help crafters stretch their creative wings. Check with your local recreation department, community colleges, crafting groups, clubs and craft stores for classes in your area. If you’re searching for someone long distance, you can also look into online classes such as Craftsy, Udemy and Skillshare.

hobby magazine subscription

3 Hobby Magazine Subscription

Even the most creative person needs inspiration every once in a while. Help them stay on the cutting edge by signing them up for a year’s subscription to a periodical in their field. They’ll be reminded of you every time your gift shows up in their mailbox!

4 Funny Mug or T-shirt

If your recipient has a sense of humor about their love of crafting, there are countless funny gift ideas that show just how much you understand them. You can find T-shirts and coffee mugs with unlimited quotes about almost any hobby on handmade sites. Buying personalized gifts directly from crafters on sites like Etsy helps you support local artisans, too.

5 Gift Card

What do you get for the crafter that has everything? There’s always the good old gift card! Allowing your recipient to splurge on something at her favorite craft store means that he or she will end up with the perfect gift.

Opt for a gift card to a specialty shop rather than a box craft store. These smaller shops often have a wider variety of specialty crafting supplies. You can find stores for everything from quilting, knitting and crocheting to scrapbooking and jewelry making. For the avid woodworkers or DIYers, a gift card to a hardware store or lumber yard can kickstart their next project.

 Personalized Wall or Desk Art

{Photo Credit: Kim Six}

6 Personalized Wall or Desk Art

If your crafty friend has her own logo, brand or blog, let them show it to the world with these DIY printed wood blocks. Of course, if they don’t have a logo, any cute phrase or photo relating to their craft would work, too.

If wall art is more their style, consider a printable in a beautiful frame. There are unlimited numbers of free and commercially available printables online. You are sure to find one that can convey almost any message or style.

charm bracelet charm

{Photo Credit: Kim Six}

7 Charm Bracelet Charm

Let your gift recipient carry a tiny part of you with them whoever they go, by giving them a personalized or inspirational charm. Charms are available in a wide variety of designs and price ranges. You can find handmade versions on Etsy, or brand name versions such as Pandora, Pugster or Rembrandt.

 8 Handmade Phone Case

Since nobody is ever far from their phone, tablet or laptop, you can give your gift recipient a way to protect them while still looking cute. Even the craftiest friend can appreciate a homemade padded phone case! Grab some VELCRO® Brand closures and craft an easy cloth pouch that can be used to stash everything from phones to business cards, office supplies or sunglasses.

 9 Subscription Kit

Services like KiwiCrate, CrateJoy, DarbySmart and Makers Kit will deliver crafting supplies directly to your favorite crafter’s doorstep every month. There are even specialty kit services for hobbies like scrapbooking, calligraphy and fiber arts.

10 Sketchbooks or Journal

The mind of a creative person is always running, and inspiration can come when they are least expecting it. Help them capture fleeting ideas with a beautiful sketchbook or journal paired with a nice pen set, high quality colored pencils or sketch pens.

A great gift doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to make. The best gifts come from the heart and show that you understand someone’s passion and what they love. By encouraging a crafter’s creative side, you show them how much you care and how you love them for who they are.

10 gift ideas for crafters

Kim Six is a DIY and home improvement blogger living in the San Francisco Bay Area who writes for The Home Depot. Kim likes to create easy helpful projects that she can do with her three kids. She focuses on projects that have a purposeful outcome and uses a variety of readily available materials like VELCRO® Brand fasteners.

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