6 Must-Have Printable Calendars for July [FREE!]


Now that summer is in full swing, I find that I have more use than ever for printable calendars. Our schedules are not as regimented as they are during the school year so it’s easy for all of us to forget what we are doing day-to-day and long-term.

That’s why I love any type of paper calendar that I can print out! I use countdown calendars religiously during the summer as a way to anticipate vacations and fun outings, and a printable calendar to post in the house so everyone knows what to expect (blank calendars work great to fill in)!

Here are my must-have printable calendars for July {all free, of course} so that you can print out and display your schedule on the calendar.

July 2017 Blank Calendar by Tip Junkie

EHprint Download File Here:
July 2017 Blank Calendar (1599 downloads)

1. July Blank Calendar 

It’s easy to download and print out this July 2017 Calendar and use it for the front of your Executive Homemaker Binder or any way you’d like.  It has all of the National Holidays included with blank spaces for you to fill in your schedule, birthdays to celebrate, vacations planned, etc. Simply download the free calendar, print it out in color or black and white and display it where you can quickly access it.
July 2017 Holiday Calendar by Tip Junkie
EHprint Download File Here:

2. Printable Calendar with Holidays 

Here are the National Days or Holidays to celebrate in July. This 2017 calendar has all of the regular holidays you’d expect to find on a typical calendar, plus all of the fun and wacky holidays you can celebrate as well! I’m old school and love paper calendars, especially if they are pretty! {wink}
 July Organization and Home Repair Checklist
EHprint Download File Here:
3. Summer cleaning can seem like a daunting task, but with this July organization and home repair checklist you can tackle it like a pro. Tip Junkie is here to help you stay on top of your game and help you organize and repair your home inside, outside, with ways to improve your house, sale items, and it even includes more free printable downloads to help you stay on top of it all.  Yep, I’ve got your back!
Free Printable 2017 Calendar

4.  Annual Printable Calendars 

Last but not least the FREE printable calendars with the  adorable Tip Junkie Girl.  {squeal in delight}    This is a blank 2017 holidays calendar that you can use all year long.  Above, I’ve also included a free 2018 Printable Calendar to quickly print. They both include all of the major holidays and the rest of the days are blank so you can fill in what you need.

Wondering why I created the Tip Junkie girl?  You can check out the quick story here or download my free eBook with the longer story here.

4 Printable Countdown Calendars by Tip Junkie

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4 Quick Countdown Calendars (11162 downloads)

5.  Countdown

Countdown to vacations and special events with any of these adorable countdown calendars that I’ve had created just for you!

ways to celebrate july 4th

EHprint Print Free File Here:
Ways to Celebrate July 4th (1908 downloads)

Wondering how to celebrate the 4th of July this month (there is still time!) Here are 20 fun things to do to celebrate the 4th of July in a quick list.  Simply print out this entertaining free printable and pop it into a frame as a go-to resource for cool things to do, a July 4th countdown.


6. Photo Journal Calendar

Let Tip Junkie help you capture moments that matter on your camera phone with photo journal prompts for Instagram this June.  Here is a simple word each day to photo journal the ‘every day’ with new and special memories.

More Free Printable Calendars:

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