26 Amazing Halloween Party Games Hacks

Halloween party games are a great way to start new Halloween traditions with your friends and family.  Check out these cool games, Halloween pranks, and Halloween dress up games.

Amazing Halloween Party Games Hacks

The Tip Junkie Halloween site has 86 Halloween party games with pictured tutorials with to play together on Halloween.  You can always search there if you’re looking for more cool games. {wink}

Halloween Party Games

Halloween Games

1.  Pin the Eye on the Monster Game {halloween games} ~ This Pin the Eye on the Monster Game will be the hit of your Halloween party. Not only is it ADORABLE to look at, it’s fun to play. It’s made with crepe paper ruffles hot glued on poster board.

Halloween Party Games

2.  Pin the Bow Tie on Mr. Bones {halloween games} ~ A spooky take on a quintessential party game, pin the bow on Mr. Bones is the perfect Halloween party activity. Download the free file and have it printed at an office supply store. The post also includes a tutorial to make the bows.

Cool Games

3.  Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin ~ This fun Halloween party game is a spin on the vintage party game, pin the tail on the donkey.  Amanda will show you how to make your own pumpkin, complete with ruffled crepe paper, that needs help finding his nose.  Kids will love helping to complete the funny face on this giant jack-o-lantern.

Halloween Party Games

4.  Spider Splat {Halloween Games} ~ This fun Halloween party game will make everyone pop with laughter.  Perfect for your neighborhood trunk or treat or a party in your own backyard, you could even use it for your trick or treaters by putting a piece of candy in each balloon.

Halloween Games

5.  Mummy Bowling {Carnival Games} ~ Are you planning a Halloween Carnival or Party? This is a classically, fun game idea with a Halloween twist! Follow this tutorial and you’ll have the perfect game for the young and young at heart! Who doesn’t love bowling?! {wink}

Halloween Games

6.  Halloween Carnival Games ~ This is a fantastic post with several different Halloween carnival game ideas! With the theme being creepy crawler all the games are based around bugs or creatures, perfect for Halloween! Every games is paired with a great description on how to replicate it at your next Halloween carnival or party!

Halloween Party Games

7.  Bobbing for Apples ~ Tie apples or donuts on a string and hang them for a different version of the classic bobbing for apples.

DIY Halloween Party Games

8.  Halloween Party Game ~ This party game adds the right amount of spooky and eerie to your Halloween party.  Party guests stick their hands in the holes in a blood stained sheet to feel different items like goblin ears, bloody bat guts, wicked witch eyeballs, and vampire vomit.

Halloween Pranks

Halloween Pranks

9.  You’ve Been Boo’d ~ Copy this note and make it two.  You have only one day or a spell will strike you.  Then pick two friends and a treat that’s yummy.  Leave that treat on the doorstep and flee!

Halloween Pranks

10.  A Hallowe’en Post Mortem ~  Spook your guests with this hilarious story telling practical joke!  Turn out the lights, read this little ditty and pass around gross items such as guts made of moist sponges, macaroni, and more.

Vampire Game

11.  Printable Halloween Games {Halloween Games} ~ Looking for some easy to put together Halloween games? Then this post is perfect! With all her Halloween game printables in one post she has made it easy to download and print them all from one place! Fun, festive and easy!!

Cool Games

Halloween Activities for Kids

12.  Witch Pitch {Games for Halloween} ~ Witches and Warlocks of all ages will love this fun party game.  Toss your candy corn in the witches pot and see who makes the most in.  The winner will probably be the kid that eats the fewest candy corns.

Halloween party Games

13.  Spider Toss ~ This fun Halloween version of the bean bag toss is a game that kids will enjoy playing outside all afternoon.  Even the adults will want to get in on the action and test out their tossing skills.  You could use spiders, little pumpkins or bean bags to toss.

Halloween Party Games

14.  Tin Can Toss ~ This fun game is perfect for Halloween parties, birthday parties, family fun nights, or as a boredom buster for the kids when they’re not in school. In just 4 easy steps, you’ll have a quick and easy game that every child is sure to love.

Halloween Party Games

15.  Halloween Carnival Cupcake Walk Kit {free halloween games} ~ Keep little ghosts and goblins occupied with this Carnival Cupcake Walk game. The printable kit includes full-page numbers 1-12 for players to stand on as well as mini numbers 1-12 for drawing the winner. This game would be perfect for classroom parties and church parties!

Halloween Dress Up Games

Halloween Dress UP

16.  Mummy Dress-Up ~ A fun team game to see who can make a mummy the quickest.  Divide the children into groups, give them crepe paper or toilet paper and let them wrap a mummy.  It’s fun, easy and cheap!

Halloween Traditions

Halloween Games

17.  Pumpkin Toss Game {Halloween Games} ~ How cute is this pumpkin toss game!? Easy to create with some pumpkins, paint, tags and vinyl. Great for a Halloween or Fall themed party! Check out this post for the full tutorial!

Halloween Traditions

18.  Pumpkin and Ghost Bowling ~ Kids will be all laughs as they try to knock down the spooky ghosts with a giant pumpkin bowling ball.  A great outdoor Halloween game for all ages.

Halloween Party Games

19.  Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss ~ A bean bag toss is a great game for a family party because all ages can play.  Making it more challenging is as easy as having the players take a step back.  This pumpkin version is perfect for your Fall party.

Halloween Party Games

20.  Monster Bean Bag Toss ~ A bean bag toss is a great game for a family party because all ages can play.  Making it more challenging is as easy as having the players take a step back.  This Monster version is perfect for your Fall party.

Halloween Tic-Tac-Toe

21.  Printable Halloween Tic-Tac-Toe ~ Tic-tac-toe is a fun game for all ages!  This festive Halloween version is perfect for class parties or given as a gift.

Halloween Traditions

22.  Don’t Eat Casper ~ This game is so simple your older children can play it with your toddler! It’s a version of the “Don’t Eat Pete” game.  It’s simple to make and even easier to play. The sky’s the limit with Don’t Eat Casper! Use cereal, dinner or lunch food, as well as any kind of candy to play.

Printable Halloween Puzzle

23.  Halloween Soduku {printable} ~ These spooktacular Halloween Sudoku puzzles come in 3 Levels, with Pumpkins, Black Cats, Scarecrows, Spiders, Bats, Ghosts, Green Witches, Skulls, and of course – Candy! All hand drawn images. Not only is it a fun game, but it is great for Homeschool learning too.

Halloween Party Games

24.  Halloween Bingo ~ This is a fabulous post featuring four different designs for Halloween bingo! Then it’s up to you and your creativity to come up with the markers, candy corn for example as seen here. Perfect for either the kids or adults!

Halloween Traditions

25.  Ghost Detective Game {free printable}  ~ Send your “Casper” super sleuths on a scavenger hunt for ghosts.  The player with the most ghosts wins!

Printable Scavenger Hunt

26.  Halloween Scavenger Hunt {free printable} ~ This spook-tacular game is a great learning tool for the kids that helps them interact with their surroundings. They’ll have a ball searching high and low for all the goodies on their list!  The kids may even want to put on their costumes for the activity.  {wink}

   halloween printables

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