6 Easy Halloween Party Food Ideas


Are you hosting a Halloween Party this year?  Did you sign up to be in charge of your kiddos class party?  If you did, you’ll love these easy Halloween party food ideas that are sure to be the hit of the party!  If you didn’t, keep reading because I can’t think of a better reason to play with your food.

These crafty, spooky, fun creations made out of food will send your kids screaming for more.  {{giggle}}

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Mummy Toast

mummy toast

Making Mummy Toast is fun for all because kids totally can and should help.  You’ll need bread, marinara or pizza sauce, olives, and cheese slices.  Let your kiddos spread the sauce on their bread and then layer the cheese like a mummy.  Lastly, they’ll add the olives for eyes, and then you can help them toast their creation in the oven or toaster oven.  It’s the perfect easy and quick dinner before Trick-or-Treating!

sweet coffins

Sweet Coffins

Quite possibly the easiest edible crafty Halloween treat ever, your kids can totally help with this one.  Have them gather some small twigs and tie them together in a cross with twine.  Next, unwrap a rectangular chocolate treat like Little Debbie Nutty Bars, Brownies, or the like.  Stick the cross in the top and you have a sweet coffin that is a bit spooky and a bit sweet.  {{knuckle bumps}}

apple chompers

Apple Chompers

Apple Chompers are super fun, and make the perfect Halloween after school treat!  What’s easier than apples and peanut butter?  Slice your apples in wedges, being sure to discard seeds, and then peel a few of the slices.  Dice those slices as they’ll be the teeth.  Spread peanut butter between two slices of red apple (with the peel) and then insert diced apple pieces between the peanut butter for the teeth.  Super ghoulish, right?

spooky pears

Spooky Pears

Making Spooky Pears is easy and one of my favorite crafty food treats because it’s actually pretty healthy.  {{wink}}  Simply cut off the top of the pear and peel most of the pear, leaving some peel on the sides for texture, and add a few chocolate chips for eyes and nose.  If you are not serving the Spooky Pears right away, you might want to squeeze some lemon juice on your spooky little guys so that they don’t turn brown.  {{snicker}}

mini brownie triffle

Mini Brownie Trifle

The great thing about this fun trifle treat is that you can use any pudding flavor you want for the middle layer.  I’d recommend just using an instant pudding mix to make things easy.  Depending on the tastes of your guests, you can use whatever you and they’d like best.  Then, use crumbled brownies for the top and bottom layer of the trifle.  Top with mini pumpkin candies, or if you want to make the trifles look like dirt, you can add gummy worms!

wormy apple

“Wormy” Apple

“Wormy” apples are always a fun treat.  They are fun to look at, kids will eat them because even though the crafty treat is a fruit, there’s still a gummy worm associated with it.  {snicker}  Cut the apple in half horizontally, cut a circle in the side of the apple, and stick a gummy worm in the hole.  This is definitely a treat that needs adult supervision to make!

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