These Halloween recipes are yummy, fun to make with the kids, and perfect for a classroom party!  Here are Halloween treat recipes how-to tutorials for Halloween food which include Halloween cupcakes, Halloween cookies, party snacks and and Halloween floats.

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Halloween Treat Recipes

Halloween Treat Recipes

1.  Halloween Character Pops ~ Halloween is the perfect time to get creative with treats, and these character pops are no exception.  These will be the hit of any Halloween party! {{high fives}}

Halloween Witch Hat Cookie

2.  Halloween Witch Hat Cookies ~ There are never too many treats on Halloween, so add one more to your party with these cute witch hat cookies.  They are a great party treat and so easy to make using Oreo cookies and Hershey’s kisses.

Graveyard Pudding Cups

3.  Graveyard Pudding Cups ~  A little Oreo crumbs, a Peep ghost and pumpkin candy turn an ordinary chocolate pudding cup into a spooky treat kids are sure to love!

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Monsters

4.  Chocolate Covered Pretzel Monsters ~  Halloween is the perfect time to get creative with treats, and these Chocolate Covered Pretzel Monsters are no exception. They’re pretzel sticks covered in chocolate. These will be the hit of any Halloween party! {{high fives}}

Gooey Monster Eye Cookies

5.  Gooey Monster Eye Cookies ~ For a delicious and fun Halloween treat, these Gooey Monster Eye Cookies are a must try. Made from a yellow cake mix, cream cheese, butter, food coloring and candy eyeballs on top for decoration, these sweet treats look spooky and taste even better!

Mummy Cupcakes

6.  Mummy Cupcakes ~ How to make these frightfully good Halloween Cupcakes with this mummy recipe.  The only thing you need to take off this dessert to enjoy is the wrapper.

Kids Food Halloween

Kids Food Halloween

7.  Pumpkin Halloween Treats ~ Transform a clear snack bag with Sharpie to make a pumpkin face, add goldfish or even cheese puffs for a quick and easy snack idea.

Halloween Puppy Chow

8.  Halloween Puppy Chow ~ Puppy Chow is a classic yummy treat, add a few extra ingredients and you have a festive version. Perfect for a Halloween party or just as a fun snack, your kiddos will love it!

Kids Halloween Party Food

Kids Halloween Party Food

9.  Mandarin Pumpkin Cups ~ An easy non-sugar party snack, just use a Sharpie to draw a jack o’lantern face on mandarin cups.

Fanta Jack O'Lantern Floats

10.  Fanta Jack O’Lantern Floats ~ A refreshing and festive Halloween beverage that looks like a jack o’lantern with ice cream and Fanta.




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