12 Spook-tacular Halloween Treats and Recipes


Halloween is next month and I today I have so many yummy and spook-tacular Halloween treats and recipes to share!  I just love festive Halloween party foods and I hope these recipes with pictures inspire you to make something fun this year to take to a party.

Halloween Treats and Recipes

Halloween Treats and Recipes

1.  Eyeball Cheesecakes Recipe – Wow your guests with this creepy eyeball dessert.
2.  Healthy Banana Caterpillars – Kids can also be creative and add other types of sliced fruits (strawberries, apples, pears) to their caterpillars.
3.  Bloody Good Halloween Punch – Kids love this ghoulish looking Halloween party punch recipe. It’s really a “bloody” good punch made with all-natural ingredients- a healthy alternative to soft drinks.
4. Parmesan Witches’ Broomsticks – A delicious and uniquely shaped breadstick for the kids to enjoy with chili before they go out trick-or-treating.
Halloween party foods

Halloween party foods

5.  Spider Cookies – Spiderweb cookies with a spider crawling across the top.
6.  Darling Witches on a Stick – You can stuff anything yummy treat into purple saran wrap to make these fun treats or party favors.
7.   Extra Lovable Gingerbread Trick Or Treaters – Southern Plate gives us a great tutorial with step-by-step instructions on how to turn Gingerbread men into Halloween trick-or-treaters.
8.  Hairy spider cakes and paper pedestals – How to make spider cakes with a cupcake and a mini cake pedestal made out of paper products.

Creepy Halloween Recipes with Pictures

Creepy Halloween Recipes with Pictures

9.  Erie Eyeballs – These are made with lemon gelatin, marshmallows, pineapple juice, and cream cheese.  Who knew such yummy ingredients could make something so creepy looking.
10.  Cat Litter Cake Recipe – A sure fire hit for the next family get together or party.  Prepare this recipe and watch your friends’ faces.
11.  Brains Panna Cotta with Pomegranate Sauce – This looks especially creepy set out on a really nice platter. Also quite effective on a carving board with a large chef’s knife plunged into the center
12.  Jell-O “Blood” Worms – These edible worms are a BIG hit for our Halloween Dinner. The kids really freaked out.

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    Those are such amazing ideas to make the Halloween parties a hit!!

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    Most of these are a little too spooky for me, but that caterpillar is darling and healthy sweet treat!

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    Thank you for all these wonderful Halloween recipe ideas. I usually make the cat litter cake, but it makes a lot of servings. We usually can’t eat it all. I was looking around for some other recipes to replace it.

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