Handmade Instruments


Homemade Musical Instruments


You will need a heavy paper plate or two thin plates pasted together; a few jingle bells, yarn, and a hole punch. Punch holes around the outer circle of the plate. Tie yarn to the bells, then securely fasten through the plate holes. Be aware of a possible choke hazard for young children, and only use with adult supervision.


Make drums from old oatmeal boxes or coffee cans. Rattles & Shakers- Use old dish washing liquid bottles. Fill slightly with rice, seeds, or sand. Secure tightly. Decorate with contact paper or magazine clippings.

Sand Blocks

Attach sandpaper to two small cut 2″ x 4″s. Rub together.

Here are some pictures of handmade instruments by AIMS:

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Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
-- -- -- 7-9
-- Activity or Game

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