Handy Dandy Notebook

Nick Jr.com has a lot of great images and clip art for your Blue’s Clues birthday party. Make your own Handy Dandy notebook for each guest.



Handy Dandy Notebook

Use these adorable Blue’s Clues handy dandy notebooks as a party favor or for a party game at a birthday party.  Sky’s the limit on what you can do with these darling little notebooks.


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How to Make:

1. Print the notebooks out on red paper.
2. Cut out the red chairs and past it onto green paper.
3. Glue them to the front of small notebooks.
4. Cut three pages of yellow paper and glue them to the first three pages of the notebook. (Your guests will draw the three clues on these pages.)
5. Add a crayon and you’re set!

I hope you enjoy making these darling Blue’s Clue’s handy dandy notebooks.
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  1. Thanks for printable. I’m making them for my grandkids who are new to Blue’s Clues. I was wondering if the notebook you used is the one made from ruled notecards? That’s all I found so far. I’ll keep looking if you know of any others out there. I realize this post if several years old…not sure if this is still active.

  2. I LOVE IT!!! I printed it off and made notebooks for my son’s upcoming 2nd Birthday! (and made him one to use now)! I got the wide spiral notebooks at Staples for 1.00! I’m just so proud of myself! thanks for putting the printable & idea on here… saved me TONS of $$ if I had to buy these for party favors! I’m also making foam “pawprints” – 3 of them in the goodie bag for the kids to play Blues Clues at home 🙂

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