10 Unique Happy 50th Birthday Themes


Looking for some cool and unique Happy 50th Birthday party themes?  Then I’ve got you covered with ten really cool ways for 50th birthday wishes for the lucky guest of honor.  These include birthday party themes for both men and women that are trendy and timeless.

A huge thank you to Barbara for taking the time to leave a comment and ask for some unique Happy 50th Birthday party ideas.  I’ve featured so many Adult Birthday Party themes over the years, that I didn’t realize that I haven’t covered just the 50th birthday parties one place.  So thank you Barbara!  You rock.  I hope you like what I picked out for you. {knuckle bumps}

Happy 50th Birthday

10 Unique Happy 50th Birthday Themes

Scroll down to see all the fun ideas.  However, the post was getting really long so here are other Theme Ideas I found which would work for a happy 50th birthday and even surprise birthday party ideas.

If you prefer to purchase your party supplies, Etsy has a ton of popular items for a Happy 50th Birthday.  These are great ideas buy or knock off and DIY and I hope they help inspire you further. A heads up, this contains a few affiliate links for your convenience. Click here for disclosure policy.  The links help support this free site as I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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Give Points to Your Favorites!  Thanks to Tip Junkie’s new look you can now click the arrows under each image and “vote” on your favorite by adding a “point”.  The ideas will move up or down according to all of your results.  {squeal in delight}  This way if you don’t agree with my ranking order –> you have the power to change it.  Cuz I’d rather know what you think.  Shoot yeah!

#4 We Support You

Yard Signs or Bras ~ One of my friends has gathered a ton of bras from Good Will over the years and she does something similar to the Yard Flockers and hangs 50 bras in the yard of her friends who are turning 50 years old with a sign that says "We Support You!"  {giggle}

#6 Enjoy the Ride

You could take this Enjoy the Ride party theme any direction that you like.  This one was inspired by her mom's little red bike but in a grown up version.  For men it could be Harley Davidson, vintage cars, or a funny walker theme.

#8 Funny DIY Gift Ides

In my research for fun birthday party themes I also came across some silly DIY gift ideas that would be a fun way to show the birthday girl or guy some 50th birthday wishes.  {giggle}

If you have a 50th birthday party theme, cute saying, or gift idea be sure to leave it in the comment with a link if you have one!  We're all here to support each other and save the research time so we can get to what we do best... creating.  {giggle}

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Thanks Ladies!  I just adore these birthday parties. Feel free to grab your I was featured on Tip Junkie. You earned it!  {knuckle bumps}  I'm honored to have the opportunity to feature your creativity.

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What party themes do you like? 

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#10 Older Than Dirt

Party Snack Idea:  Older Than Dirt ~ The ingredients are chocolate pudding, crushed oreos, and gummy worms.  The font in the sign is called “Digs My Heart” and it’s a free download.

#11 Silver Siren

Vintage 1964 ~ This is such a gorgeous 50th birthday party in a vintage theme.  You can also use the color scheme for a Silver Siren themed party.

Face Cakes ~ Also check out that party with the birthday party guest of honor's face as cupcake toppers.  I did this for my son when he turned 18 and he loved it.

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