23 Heart Crafts for Valentines Day {diy}

How to make heart crafts for Valentines Day that are so creative and cute.  These homemade valentines ideas include felt heart trees, heart wreaths, heart activities for kids, heart jewelry and heart pillows.  These heart crafts are sure to warm the heart!  

Heart Crafts for Valentines Day {diy}

Tip Junkie has 300 Valentine’s Day tutorials all with pictured tutorials to learn or how to make.  You can always search there if you’re looking for more Valentine patterns with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

Heart Crafts for Valentines Day

Valentine's Day Decor1.  Felt Heart Valentine Trees {Valentines Decor DIY} ~ Looking for an inexpensive way to make your home a little more festive for Valentines Day? These felt heart Valentine tree will do just that! All you need is red and pink felt, styrofoam cones and some pins! Easy, inexpensive and will look super cute year after year!

6 DIY Paint Chip Valentine's Day Crafts

2.  6 DIY Paint Chip Valentine’s Day Crafts ~ It’s time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day projects. This post shows you 6 simple crafts using paint chips and a heart punch.  They include a heart garland, heart cupcake toppers, beverage/bottle pendant, heart hair ribbon, heart canvas art and heart favor bags. 

Felt Heart Gift Bag Tutorial

3.  Felt Heart Gift Bag Tutorial ~ These little goodie bags are easy enough to make, you could whip up enough for the whole class.  They are sure to be a hit above the old store bought cards, plus they hold way more loot.

Heart Hand Warmers

4.  Heart Hand Warmers ~ Keep your hand warm with these heart shaped hand warmers. They are filled with rice and whole kernel corn. Just microwave them for 10 seconds to warm them up, then hold them in your hands to keep them warm.

DIY Valentine Decor5.  Quilted Valentine Hearts Pillow ~ This is a great scrap buster project, a fabulous way to try out some new skills and a just a fun, bright pillow for the holiday!  4.  Ombre Yarn Letters  ~ L*O*V*E! Two-toned bright and vibrant love letters for Valentine’s Day.  Simply wrap yarn around cardboard or wood letters.  

Decorating Ideas for Valentine's Day 6.  Love Note Pillows ~ What beautiful love note pillows and a question!  There is a pocket on one of the pillows so you can put love notes in.   Using a sharpie you can write your favorite poem or song onto the fabric and then sew it together.  Voila!

DIY Fringe 3-D Heart

7.  DIY Fringe 3-D Heart ~ Fringe is fun and adorable for year round projects.  Pair it with a paper mache heart and it’s perfect for gift giving and home decor.

Hearts to Wear

Valentine Heart Nails {Nails}

8.  Valentine Heart Nails {Nails} ~ This nail tutorial is perfection, not only is it festive but also uses one of the hottest trends right now, ombre! You’ll need three red and pink polishes and reinforcement stickers. Great for all ages. Easy to do with this tutorial!

Glitter Heart Earrings DIY {Earrings}

9.  Glitter Heart Earrings DIY {Earrings} ~ These earrings are girly girl perfection, the little studs make a great Valentines Day accessory. Use gold or silver glitter and wear them not only for Valentines but year round!

Heart Bracelet DIY {Bracelets and Bangles}

10.  Heart Bracelet DIY {Bracelets and Bangles} ~ Here is a stylish heart bracelet that with the help of this tutorial you can make! All you’ll need is wire and two pairs of jewelry pliers! Perfect for Valentines Day and everyday after that! {wink}

Valentine Heart Pin {Valentines Day Craft}

11.  Valentine Heart Pin {Valentines Day Craft} ~ Looking for cute little gift you can make quickly and easily for Valentines Day? This is it! Who wouldn’t love this little heart pin. All you need is some felt, needle and tread, stuffing and some safety pins. Easy peasy and super cute! A great accessory to wear for the holiday occasion!

Cozy Heart Mittens {Holiday Patterns}

12.  Cozy Heart Mittens {Holiday Patterns} ~ This is an easy way to make a cozy Valentine accessory! By taking a pair of mittens, felted wool, embroidery thread and a needle you’ll create a set of heart embellished mittens. Tie them up with a ribbon and you have a cute DIY Valentine’s Day gift to give someone special!

Lovely Heart Ruffled Apron {Aprons}

13.  Lovely Heart Ruffled Apron {Aprons} ~ This apron not only provides protection for your clothing, but with this apron, you’ll look super cute with it on! The ruffles and heart add fabulous detail to the otherwise simple apron! Use this tutorial to create one for your Valentines! Then use it everyday, because all meals are made with love after all! {wink} 

DIY Decor Ideas for Valentines

DIY Valentine's Decor14.  Cupid’s Arrow Valentines Wreath ~ This wreath is fabulous and perfect to help decorate your home for Valentines Day! Learn how to make one with the help of this great tutorial. Easy to create after a quick trip to your local craft store. A cute piece of decor you’ll be able to use year after year!

Valentine's Day Chevron Heart Door Hanger

15.  Valentine’s Day Chevron Heart Door Hanger ~ Valentine’s Chevron Heart Door Hanger made of foam board and painted with chevron pattern! Create a custom heart for less than $10 with just a few supplies!

DIY Valentine Wreath16.  Ruffled Satin Valentine Heart {tutorial} ~ I adore these pink satin ruffled hearts!  The satin gives them a beautiful shiny effect.  The fabric combination with the burlap heart is fabulous.  Only minimal sewing is required.  

DIY Valentine Decor17.  Fabric Scrap Heart Wreath {DIY} ~ Jazz up your holiday decorating or parties with a super cute and easy fabric scrap wreath!  It’s a fabulous way to recycle wire hangers instead of just throwing them out, too.  All it takes is a few snips of the scissors, some fun tearing action and tying some knots!

Valentine Party Decor

18.  DIY Valentine Wreath ~ A simple and sweet heart shaped wreath wrapped in ruffle trim!  Hang it on your front door to welcome guests.  

Wood Slice Heart Wreath

19.  Wood Slice Heart Wreath ~ Spruce up your Valentine’s Day decor with this fab wood slice heart wreath.  All you need is wood slices, hot glue gun and ribbon.  Easy peasy!

Heart Activities for Kids

DIY Heart Stamping with Cardboard Tubes

20.  DIY Heart Stamping with Cardboard Tubes ~ Use cardboard tubes (toilet paper or paper towel rolls) and some paint to “stamp” heart shapes. This was a fun project that I did with my two year old. We’ll give some of the artwork to her grandparents for Valentine’s Day.  {smiling}

DIY Crayon Heart Garland

21.  DIY Crayon Heart Garland ~ A fun and easy craft for all ages! I made as many crayon hearts as I could, using all of the festive colors (reds, purples, and pinks) that I could find in my old crayon box. Then, once my hearts were cut and ready, I strung them together with embroidery floss to be hung near windows for a stained glass effect. 

Paper Heart Garland {how-to}

22.  Paper Heart Garland {how-to} ~ Got your heart on a string?  You do now – this paper heart garland is a great activity for the kids.

Salt Dough Conversation Hearts {Valentines Day Crafts}

23.  Salt Dough Conversation Hearts {Valentines Day Crafts} ~ These fun Valentine’s Day ornaments are a great valentine craft project for kids and they will be a keepsake for years to come.  Personalize them with the names of your family members or your favorite terms of endearment and use them to decorate your house for Valentine’s Day.



Also, be sure to check out the Tip Junkie Valentine’s Day site for decorations, party ideas, free printable Valentines, and kids craft ideas.

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