19 Handy Ways to Organize Your Kitchen


How to organize your kitchen with the best ideas and pictured tutorials!  They include home kitchen command stations, pantry makeovers, free printables on how to be organized, as well as how to declutter tips and tricks.  I’ve got you hooked up with organize tricks for every nook and crany in your kitchen.

19 Handy Ways to Organize Your Kitchen on Tip Junkie

The Tip Junkie Creative Community has 155 How To Organize ideas, tutorials, and DIY ideas.  So be sure to check it out if you’re looking for solutions to organize a specific room or space in your home.

How to Organize a Kitchen

Kitchen Command Center {Office Decor and Organization}

1.  Kitchen Command Center {Office Decor and Organization} ~ Check out this kitchen command center! Perfect for the busy family with a million things going! Use this cleverly organized space as inspiration to create your own command center space!

Pottery Barn Command Center Knock-Off

2.  Pottery Barn Command Center Knock-Off ~ See how this talented mama took her families activities and goal and created her own inexpensive look that meets the needs of her family.

How To Organize

Ultimate Pantry Makeover {organize}

3.  Ultimate Pantry Makeover {organize} ~ Pantry makeovers have been taking the blogosphere by storm this year.  Come be inspired by this easy, doable, and gorgeous pantry!

Chevron Painted Pantry {before and after}

4.  Chevron Painted Pantry {before and after} ~ What was once a builder-grade, wire rack pantry turns into a gorgeous custom pantry!

Pantry Makeover {Organize}

5.  Pantry Makeover {Organize} ~ I’m so excited to finally have one of the messiest spaces in our house… by FAR totally organized!  The Pantry!

Pantry Makeover {Organization}

6.  Pantry Makeover {Organization} ~ This post features a side of decor and a side of organization all in one reveal! Thanks to a coat of paint and some wall stencil the pantry is now a stylish part of her kitchen decor! Along with some clever storage solutions you may have never thought of! Use this as inspiration to revamp your pantry!

7.  Pantry Organizer ~ A great tip for a pantry, add a clipboard with copies of your shopping list attached, so you can quickly add anything that runs out!

Organize It

Kitchen Chalkboard

8.  Kitchen Chalkboard ~ I needed a place to record things I ran out of in the kitchen. I decided the best way to do this was to use a clipboard and some chalkboard paint. I created some “chalkboard art” writing with a white paint pen. Now I have somewhere to record what I need to remember to buy, and the clip works for holding coupons!

Conversion Chart {Kitchen Decor}

9.  Conversion Chart {Kitchen Decor} ~ Don’t you love it when function meets stylish decor!? This conversion chart is just such a project! Super easy to put together with this fabulous tutorial and printable chart! Make one today to add to your kitchen!

DIY Chalkboard Menu Planner

10.  DIY Chalkboard Menu Planner ~ This is the perfect way to organize your family dinners Each week! So cute to display in your kitchen so everyone knows what to expect! No more, “whats for dinner mom?” Best of all thanks to this tutorial you can make one yourself!

Printable Meal Planner11.  Printable Weekly Meal Planner ~ More absolutely charming eye candy on this blog! Her artwork is darling. You can download your own weekly meal planner for free. I love that this one has spots for all three meals, and not just dinners. Pretty sure I eat more than once a day! {wink}

How To Be Organized

Cake Stand Kitchen Organizer

12.  Cake Stand Kitchen Organizer ~ This cake stand not only organizes your dish cleaning supplies, but is eye candy.

Organized Canned Food Storage {Kitchen Accessories}

13.  Organized Canned Food Storage {Kitchen Accessories} ~ Here is a great tutorial on how-to create canned food storage that is functionally organized! After a quick trip to your local hardware store, settle in to make one or a few of these to help organize your pantry! She made four for under thrity-six dollars!

Kitchen Organizing Tips

14.  Kitchen Organizing Tips ~ Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to become more organized?  This post shows you several ways to organize your kitchen from the refrigerator to the pantry.  The best part?  They’re all low cost and functional.  {smiling}

How to Organize Your Kitchen {organize}

15.  How to Organize Your Kitchen {organize} ~ Here are 10 tips to help you stay organized and efficient in your kitchen!

Built-in Spice Rack {diy}

16.  Built-in Spice Rack {diy} ~ This DIY spice rack was made by utilizing the outside of a cabinet.  It was framed with plywood and decorative trim to create an eye appealing spice rack with easy access.

17.  Mason Jar Organization ~ There’s been a resurgence of mason jar organization lately, and I can see why.  Using uniform, clear jars makes a great way to organize and the free printable labels offered by The Pretty Blog are fantastic!

How To Declutter

How To Organize Your Kitchen Gadgets

18.  How To Organize Your Kitchen Gadgets ~ Here is a great tip if your kitchen is spilling over with handy gadgets:  Use an over-the-door shoe organizer.  The clear pockets allow you to quickly glimpse all your tools, plus it won’t waste any space, leaving your drawers available for all those fabulous tea towels you’ve made {wink}.

How to Make a Sandwich Station from a Drawer {organize}

19.  How to Make a Sandwich Station from a Drawer {organize} ~ Learn in this step by step tutorial how to create an organized sandwich making station in your kitchen by using an old drawer! You have to see this one to fully appreciate the brilliance!

Decorate Tutorials

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