How to Add a Craft Room Project on Tip Junkie

The all new Tip Junkie Craft Rooms are so fabulous you’ve got to check them out!   Now you can upload pictures of anything you’ve made!

With Tip Junkie Craft Rooms, you can create your own online scrapbook of everything you’ve created, parties you’ve hosted, homemade gifts, favorite recipes, things for school and church, and even rooms you’ve made over in your home.  The sky’s the limit!  

You can even upload the files you’ve made for fellow Tip Junkie’s to print out.  Can you imagine how much time you’re going to save us busy women thanks to your generosity of uploading your files just sitting on your computer… getting no love or being used? {dude}

Isn’t this awesome!  {squeal with delight}

How to Add a Craft Room Project on

So, get your incredible ideas off your phone or computer and upload those pictures to your Craft Room!  You’ll also allow the Tip Junkie community to favorite and share your projects, become inspired, and learn from your experience, time, and talent.    

Now, by using the new Tip Junkie Craft Rooms, all creative women can upload pictures from their…

  • Phone
  • Tablet
  • Computers and Laptops

You’ll be given a URL {or link} for every project you create.  You can use this URL to share with friends and family on Facebook, email, and even text.   Just imagine no more promising to email the women at church your recipe ~ to forget and feel guilty later.  You can quickly pull it up on your phone and text them the link instantly.  Whoohoo!  Girl, you’re going to be impressive.  {snicker} 

Now that I’ve convinced you to upload your pictures into your new Craft Room… are you ready for my quick tutorial?!?  Yep, that’s right I made screen shots to personally walk you through the process.  I promise it’s easier than it looks. {wink}


1.  Log In.

Are you member of Tip Junkie?  If not, joining is Simple and FREE.  Just click here to get started.  
If you are a member, sign in at the top right tool bar and then click “MY TIPS” which will take you directly to your online craft room.  {see image below}
Tip Me Tuesday Link Up 1-jpg

2.  Add  a Project.

Once you are logged into your account, scroll down under “CRAFT ROOM” there is a link to “Add Project“.  It’s in the middle, left hand side of your craft room.
Click the “Add a Project” text (as shown below) and voila!  You are ready to upload your pictures and make it into a project!
Tip Me Tuesday Link Up 2-jpg

3. Fill in the Blanks.

Yes.  It is that simple.  Just fill in the blank boxes provided and the Tip Junkie craft room will walk you through every step!  You can’t mess it up. {pinky swear}
Upload your images as “Steps” and or just in the “Gallery” and you’ve got yourself a beautiful project that you can share within the Tip Junkie Creative Community and use to link up to Tip Me Tuesday!  Or any Linky Party, Facebook, or social media site.  Did I hook you up, or what?!? {giddy}
Tip Me Tuesday Link Up 3-jpg

4.  Save.

After you fill-in-the-blanks of your new project.  Click “save“.  Then click the “arrow icon” to publish it live.  {see below image}
Publish Craft Room Project
That’s it!  Your tutorial will now be live.  {high fives, girl!}
Please feel free to ask any questions that you might have in the comments below.  Tip Junkie loves to promote creative women through their tutorials and products.  I really want to thank all of you for beings so supportive of Tip Junkie.  I swear I have the best readers ~ ever!
I’d love hear from you.  Simply leave a comment below or over on the Tip Junkie Facebook page. Tip Junkie’s ROCK! {knuckle bumps}
Laurie Turk Tip Junkie
Promoting creative women through their
craft rooms and products,
~ Laurie 



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