10 Homemade Gifts For Graduation


Graduation congratulations can be as simple as thoughtful traditions that create long lasting  memories for graduates.  Whether you celebrate graduation with a party or just a card these ideas let the graduate know you are thinking of them.  If your graduate loves money, these creative money gifting ideas will really spark your interest.

Homemade Gifts For Graduation

1.  Graduation Money Gift ~ Show the brilliant graduate that their hard work has paid off with this bucket of money!  No pun intended.  I love how the money is rolled up and tied to resemble diplomas.  You can download the tag for free and adhere it to a container of your choice.

2.  Easy Money Soap Tutorial ~ This is a fun and creative way to give someone money as a gift.  And the best part?  You don’t have to make the soap.  The tutorial shows you how to drill a space into a store-bought bar and fill it back in.

3.  Travel Organizer Tutorial ~ Before you send your graduates out to travel the world, give them this travel organizer as a gift.  It will help them keep their documents organized and easy to find.   The people behind them in the security line will appreciate it. {wink}

4.  Graduation Hat Toppers ~ These soda graduation hat toppers are too cute!  A perfect last minute gift that you can easily make.  All you need is a square piece of black paper and some yellow thread.  Glue them on the top of the bottles and you have adorable graduation cap soda bottles.

5.  Money Balloons ~ What a fun and unique way to gift money!  Have your local party store inflate balloons with money and confetti.  Imagine how much fun the graduate will have popping the balloons to figure out how much money is inside.

6.  Congratulations Gift Box ~ Here is another clever way to give money!  Simply cover a jewelry box with card stock.  You could also put a small gift in the box instead of money.

7.  The Places You’ll GO ~ The more that you read…the more places you’ll GO ~ Dr. Seuss!  Decoupage maps to wood G-O letters to make this fantastic plaque to give to the graduate.  It’s perfect for a college graduate who wants to see the world.

8.  Money Lei ~ Give a gift that any graduate would love, a lei made from money.  With some ribbon and a stack of dollar bills you can create a fun graduation gift that is sure to be a hit with any graduate.

9.  Box of Chocolates Money Gift ~ Money is the gift everyone loves, but sometimes it feel like it’s not very thoughtful when you hand over a twenty in a card, right?  So for the graduate, transform some cold hard cash into this lovely box of “chocolates”.

10.  Laundry 101 Gift Basket ~ This laundry gift basket is perfect for grads going off to college for the first time.  They probably don’t have a stockpile of laundry items to take with them and they certainly will need it!

More Homemade Gift Ideas

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  1. i love ALL 9 ideas that you have on here for homemade gifts for graduation! will be bookmarking this page to save for next year when my youngest graduates from High School and my middle son graduates from College!!! thanks for sharing!

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