How To Make Your Hot Chocolate Even Better


There’s no reason to have regular old hot chocolate when you can add a few secret ingredients and take your hot chocolate from good to great or even better than great. Whether you drink your hot chocolate on the go or savor it with friends, make it stand out by upgrading it with these add-ins that we think make regular hot chocolate pretty darn fantastic.

Here’s HOW TO MAKE YOUR HOT CHOCOLATE EVEN BETTER. You will be so glad you tried them!


How to make Hot Chocolate even better

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Peanut butter



I had never had peanut butter in hot chocolate until recently, but let me tell you, it’s amazing. It adds a rich, creamy element that’s out of this world. Make sure that you add a teaspoon (or more) of creamy peanut butter to your hot chocolate when it’s really hot so that it incorporates without clumps.




Marshmallows and Whipped cream



The best cups of hot chocolate are always topped with whipped cream, in my opinion. Adding marshmallows and whipped cream is the easiest way to take your hot chocolate to the next level and is a huge hit with kids.




sea salt and caramel



The combination of caramel, chocolate, and sea salt is about as gourmet as it gets. Just and your favorite caramel sauce to your hot chocolate and then sprinkle a little sea salt on your whipped cream because of course, you need whipped cream!




ice cream



Adding a scoop of ice cream to hot chocolate is my new favorite way to serve hot chocolate to little kids. Here’s why. It cools down the hot chocolate so that you don’t have to worry about them burning their little mouths, and they LOVE getting double the goodness in their mug. Ice cream and hot chocolate at once? Yes, please.




Mexican hot chocolate



Have you ever had Mexican hot chocolate? The unique blend of spices in the hot chocolate makes it a favorite and you can easily make your own. Just add 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon to your hot chocolate, a little vanilla, and then a dash of cayenne pepper. The cayenne pepper is the tricky part. You can go super light for just a hint of heat or go heavy-handed for lots of heat. It’s up to you, but don’t overdo it before you figure out how you like it!







There’s no better time than the holidays to make peppermint hot chocolate. Everyone seems to have candy canes lying around, so instead of throwing them out, use them up! Use the broken pieces as a garnish on your whipped cream and let the candy cane melt into your hot chocolate as you use it as a stir stick. If you really like peppermint flavor, you can always add peppermint extract to your drink!







I would have never thought of adding honey to my hot chocolate before but it’s actually quite nice. It adds an extra layer of sweet with a honey flavor that’s just really nice.







If you are a coffee lover, then you probably love the combination of coffee and chocolate. If that’s the case, add a tablespoon of freshly brewed coffee to your hot chocolate for a flavor blast that you’ll adore! Also, try serving your hot chocolate in a different shaped mug. For some reason that makes your hot chocolate taste a little more gourmet as well!




Slivered chocolate



Slivered, or grated chocolate added to the top of your whipped cream can take your hot chocolate from regular to extra special. It’s remarkable. Marshmallows and slivered chocolate are probably the most commonly added hot chocolate mix-ins and they are so easy you don’t want to forget about them!




Do you have any great ways to make hot chocolate even better that I’ve missed?



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