17 Superfood-Packed Buddha Bowls {recipes}


Buddha bowls are a great way to get small portions of several healthy foods. You can think of them as a salad, but also involve cooked food, not just raw ingredients. You’ll find Buddha bowl recipes that will satisfy every craving including vegan bowl recipes, and healthy Buddah bowls even kids will love.

The best part of Buddha bowls is how versatile they are. They can easily be adapted to special diets and your own preferences, of course! I love the Greek Buddha bowl recipe (#11) and my kids like to include pasta in their veggie bowl like the Italian Buddha Bowl (#17). If you’re still not sure whether it’s worth trying them, take a look at these delicious and healthy Buddha bowl recipes. Plus, Buddha bowls make meal prepping easy, and meal prepping makes for an easier week! {knuckle bumps}

If you are looking for more easy recipes to meal prep, make sure you check out these ideas.  Click here for meal prep recipe ideas –> 21 Meal Prep Recipes to Plan Your Week

Buddha Bowl

Buddha Bowls

The women I’m featuring today know their way around the kitchen! These recipes are mouth-watering delicious and they are a healthy and filling meal for you and your family. If you are looking for more ways to incorporate some healthy meals with more veggies, you’ll want to check out these simple salad recipes. You’ll find a southwest salad, cucumber, spinach, and broccoli salads that are easy and so healthy, and my kid’s favorite, the crunch Asian ramen noodle salad! Plus much much more! Click here for the recipes –> 14 Simple Salad Recipes


The Frugal Foodieby @frugalfoodiemama

17. Italian Style Buddha Bowl

Mediterranean flavors and pasta in a Buddha bowl sounds intriguing, right? Carrie has created this recipe using Birds Eye Protein Blends Italian Style which makes for super easy meal prep. Each family can customize this Buddha bowl recipe and with the pasta, these are healthy Buddah bowls even kids will love.  Click here for the recipe  –> Italian Style Buddha Bowl

Spoonful of Flavorby @Spoonfulofflavor

16. Berry Green Buddha Bowl With Lemon Avocado Kale Mint Dressing

I just have to say there are a lot of flavors in this Buddha bowl but it still sounds like something you’d want to try and I’m sure there won’t be any regrets. After all, I don’t think you can go wrong with Buddha bowl ideas containing avocado! Click here for the recipe –> Berry Green Buddha Bowl With Lemon Avocado Kale Mint Dressing

Buddha Bowl Dressing Ingredients:

  • avocado
  • kale
  • chopped fresh mint
  • lemon
  • water

Vegan Lunch Bowls

This vegan Buddha bowl is a plant-based meal that’s super easy to make. It features brown rice, greens, tofu, sweet potato, and figs.  Click here for the video recipe –> Bouddha Bowl

Buddha Bowl Dressing

If you are thinking that a buddha bowl dressing sounds difficult, you will be pleasantly surprised. Buddha bowl tahini dressing is a common recipe, and these bloggers show you just how simple this easy dressing is. Many of the buddha bowl ideas use homemade dressing recipes that just include olive oil, lemon juice, and a few spices. Plus, if you are in a hurry, storebought dressing is always an easy option! {wink}

Lemons for Luluby @LemonsForLulu

15. Lean Green Buddha Bowl

This Buddha bowl recipe is everything: you get your greens, your protein, and your healthy fats in a single, comforting meal. It is both healthy and filling! Click here for the recipe –> Lean Green Buddha Bowl

Breakfast Buddha Bowl

You don’t have to use traditional “breakfast” foods when you are having a breakfast buddha bowl. So many of these recipes can easily be eaten as your first meal of the day. They are a healthy and filling way to start your morning. For the more traditional route, simply add a cooked egg to the buddha bowl. Voila–breakfast!

Athletic Avocadoby @athleticavocado

14. Spicy Pineapple Grilled Chicken Buddha Bowl

I love that they used the pineapple itself as the bowl for this recipe and the ingredients surely don’t disappoint. The blends of pineapple, yogurt, lime, and spice could make for a delicious breakfast Buddha bowl. Click here for the recipe –> Spicy Pineapple Grilled Chicken Buddha Bowl


Ilkasblogby @ilkasblogpage

13. Buddha Bowl Recipe Ideas

If you want to learn how to customize your Buddha Bowls, you’ll find some key ingredients as well as several recipes in this post. I guarantee buddha bowl recipes that will satisfy every craving! Click here for the recipes –> Buddha Bowl Recipe Ideas

Living LaVida Holokaby @livinglavidaholoka

12. Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Buddha Bowl

This Buddha bowl recipe uses chicken made in a slow cooker but also other delicious healthy ingredients including quinoa, blue cheese, cauliflower, and red onions. Jessica makes use of leftovers for this Buddha bowl recipe with ranch as an optional buddha bowl dressing. Click here for the recipe –> Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Buddha Bowl

The Foodolicby @TheFoodOlic

11. Greek Buddha Bowl

If you love feta and kalamata olives then you absolutely need to try this Buddha bowl. It is one of my most favorite Budha bowl ideas. This filling vegetable bowl has a simple Buddha bowl dressing that includes olive oil, lemon juice, parsley, garlic, salt, and pepper.  Click here for the recipe –> Greek Buddha Bowl


Raw Reviveby @rawrevive

10. Falafel Buddha Bowls

For vegan bowl recipes, this is a creative one! Adding falafels to a Buddha Bowl seems like a brilliant idea! Crystal’s post shows you how to make raw vegan falafel and she has some great tips for this  Click here for the recipe –> Falafel Buddha Bowls

Vegetable Bowl

There are lots of pluses to making vegetable bowls, besides the fact that it’s fun to eat. They’re loaded with yummy nutritious ingredients. These buddha bowls are loaded with vegetables and don’t contain meat so if you’re vegetarian they’re a great option.

Wholesomeliciousby @Wholesomelicious

9. Roasted Veggie And Cauliflower Rice Buddha Bowl

Cauliflower rice is one of the most diet-friendly foods, and the roasted veggies are low in calories as well. I think this might just be the perfect weight-loss meal. Click here for the recipe –> Roasted Veggie And Cauliflower Rice Buddha Bowl

Light Orange Beanby @lightorangebean

8. Lime Tahini Quinoa Lentil Buddha Bowl

I’ve always enjoyed the taste of sesame and since lentils are somewhat of an ignored food, this recipe might just remind you how good they actually taste. This veggie bowl can definitely be filed under healthy bowl recipes! Click here for the recipe –> Lime Tahini Quinoa Lentil Buddha Bowl

Buddha Bowl Tahini Dressing Ingredients:

  • lime juice freshly squeezed 
  • tahini
  • virgin olive oil
  • ginger root
  • soy sauce gluten-free if desired
  • coconut sugar
  • roasted white sesame seeds

Sofia Von Poratby @sofiavonporat

7. Buddha Bowl with BBQ-Tofu

BBQ-tofu is not something that comes to mind easily but it sure sounds interesting, especially with bell peppers, tamari sauce, sweet corn, and the rest of the ingredients used in this recipe. Tofu is an excellent addition to vegan bowl recipes to make them healthy and filling. Click here for the recipe –> Buddha Bowl with BBQ-Tofu

Will Frolic for Foodby @willfrolicforfood

6. Roasted Tamari Broccoli Buddha Bowl with Soba, BBQ Red Lentils, and Parsley Tahini Sauce

If you’re into complex flavors, this particular Buddha vegetable bowl is cleverly using several plant-based healthy foods, as well as spices to keep things interesting. Click here for the recipe –> Roasted Tamari Broccoli Buddha Bowl with Soba, BBQ Red Lentils and Parsley Tahini Sauce

A Side of Sweetby @sideofsweet

5. Vegetarian Buddha Bowls With Algae Oil

A gluten-free Buddha Bowl recipe featuring an unusual ingredient: algae oil. Apparently, it’s super healthy and has a very light flavor, so don’t be shy to try this buddha bowl recipe. Click here for the recipe –> Vegetarian Buddha Bowls With Algae Oil

Wholehearted Eatsby @wholeheartedeats

4. Quinoa Buddha Bowl with Miso Gravy

Fresh veggies, a healthy dose of a filling protein, and flavorful gravy are all it takes to make this Buddha Bowl which surely tastes even better than it looks. Click here for the recipe –> Quinoa Buddha Bowl with Miso Gravy

Making Thyme for Healthby @makingthymeforhealthblog

3. Balsamic Dijon Tempeh Buddha Bowls

Tempeh aside, there’s even some potatoes in this Buddha potato bowl recipe. It has a maple dijon dressing which will surely please those who are afraid of trying new things. Click here for the recipe –> Balsamic Dijon Tempeh Buddha Bowls

Vegan Rice Bowl

Most buddha bowls are filled with a filling protein, but these vegan rice bowls get their nutrition from lentils, vegetables, and tofu. Get creative with the vegetables and grains you add. The possibilities are endless.

Cotter Crunchby @CotterCrunch

2. Vegan Buddha Bowl Recipe

Vegan, gluten-free, and rich in superfoods, you can definitely include this Buddha Bowl in your meal plan if you’re trying to eat healthy, nutritious foods more often. Click here for the recipe –> Vegan Buddha Bowl Recipe

Green Eviby @greenevikitchen

1. Buddha Bowl With Kale And Edamame

Edamame sounds like a great addition to a Buddha Bowl, but if there’s something that makes this recipe special, it’s definitely the dressing! Click here for the recipe –> Buddha Bowl With Kale And Edamame

Buddha Bowl Dressing Ingredients:

  • lemon juice
  • tahini
  • mustard
  • maple syrup
  • garlic
  • salt, pepper

Buddha Bowls

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