Hot Yoga Pants out of a T-shirt {Sewing Patterns}

Yoga PantsI just love this idea of transforming an ugly old T-shirt into hot yoga pants!  It’s a lot easier than you think.  Here is a free sewing tutorial on how to make your own yoga pants.

Hot Yoga Pants

Here’s a tutorial on how to make some comfy yoga pants from a couple of old t-shirts from Kira’s Sewing Patterns. You’ll need two T-shirts for this pattern.  Lay out your old t-shirt pattern-side up. The pattern will show up on the left side of your pants when they are finished.

Yoga Pants Patterns

If you love this idea but would like some more pictured tutorials on how to make these comfy yoga pants, here are several more yoga pant sewing patterns.


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  1. Thanks for the info. I spent forever trying to figure out what yoga pants are. So they are just lounge pants. Back when I was teenager, yoga pants had stirrups… remember those? Gosh I’m dating myself here. Anyway – thanks!


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