How to Create a Safe Puppy Confinement Area


Creating a safe puppy confinement area for your furry friend  may take more thought, planning and implementation than you expected.  We just brought 2 new puppies into our home who are crate training and have lots of energy.   I have an open floor plan for my house, and giving them free reign to roam as they please is not an option.  We love our new furry friends, but they have to learn their boundaries and be completely potty trained before they can wander unsupervised! {This post contains affiliate links.}

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So, my goal is to block off the butlers pantry to create their confinement area {their bedroom} and to block off the kitchen and breakfast area to allow them freedom to roam and play. This will also give them access to the back door for their outdoor play time and potty breaks.

Puppy Confinement Area Ideas:

I found some great long term confinement area suggestions in this video!

Treat Dispensing:

I’ve found that my puppies love being able to “work” for their treats.  There are some fun treat dispensers on the markets that work with their IQ’s so they mentally stimulate your dog.  Love that.  Here are some ideas.

puppy toys-jpg


Some of my favorite treat dispensers:  Pet Toy Rope, Treat Maze, and the Interactive IQ Treat Ball Dog Toy.

Play Time!

Puppies love to play, so provide them with safe toys.  I love chew toy/rope combos because they can chew and tug and there isn’t stuffing that they can get into like in many “squeaker” toys.

bone with rope

My babies love ropes, like this chew toy with rope!

Potty Training

Potty training is a must.  If you have to leave your friends confided long term, I’d suggest these products.

Grass to potty train

If you have to confine your puppy long term and need a solution, this indoor restroom is great!  It has a three layer system that is Non-Toxic, so it’s an Odor Resistant Synthetic Grass Mat that works like grass, in your confined area that’s easy to clean and doesn’t stink.

training spray

This spray teaches your puppy where to urinate.  It’s perfect for long term confinement areas because you can spray it on your synthetic grass if that is what you are using so that they know where to pee.

Do you have any other suggests for confinement areas for puppies?  Of course, you’ll need gates, you can read about my suggestions and what I used, here (Best Dog Gates for the Home).


As always, the Tip Junkie Crafts and DIY site has thousands of pictured tutorials and good ideas for ways to DIY your space for Pets so you can always search there if you’’re looking for something specific. {wink}

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