15 How To Make A Bow Gift Topper Tutorials

How to make a bow for your homemade gifts with these amazing DIY bow instructions.  These ribbon and bows are perfect for birthdays, showers, and Christmas gifts!

The Tip Junkie Creative Community has 90 How to Make a Bow pictured tutorials and free patterns on how to make! So be sure to search there if you’re looking for a something specific. {wink}

How To Make A Bow

How to Make a Gift Bow

1.  Paper Bow Tutorial ~ Gorgeous gift bows you can make out of old magazines, maps, scrapbook paper, newspaper or any paper you have lying around! Make unique bows for any occasion!

How to Make a Bow

2.  Rainbow Yarn Gift Wrapping ~ I love this bright and colorful way to wrap a package.  It has big wow factor but it won’t break the bank.  All you need is some brown butcher paper and some colorful yarn.  Begin wrapping the package with multiple yarn strands and tying a knot.

How to Make a Bow

3.  DIY Newspaper Gift Bow ~ Make a beautiful gift bow from newspaper.  The only supplies you will need are scissors, newspaper and tape.  I guarantee you already have these items in your home.  {wink}

How to Make a Bow Out of Ribbon

How to Make a Bow out of Ribbon

4.  No-Sew Ribbon Bow Topper ~ This ribbon bow package is so beautiful I don’t think I’d want to unwrap it!  The contrasting ribbon is fab.  Wrap party favors, birthday gifts, shower gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, wedding gifts or even thank you gifts with this easy no-sew ribbon bow.

How to Make a Bow out of Ribbon

5.  DIY Ribbon Bow Gift Topper ~ These dainty and feminine bows are definitely the wow factor!  You can make these bows with ribbon, lace, twill tape or any type of trim.

Ribbon Bow

6.  How to Make a Bow out of Ribbon ~ Isn’t the fullness of this bow gorgeous?!  Follow this simple tutorial to make a layered ribbon bow.  Each layer uses a coordinating ribbon.  Wrap a present with it, add it to a hair clip or headband.

How to Make a Bow out of Ribbon

7.  Ribbon Scrap Bow ~ This ribbon bow is not only adorable, but a terrific way to use up ribbon scraps.  Simply stack your scraps and wrap a pretty ribbon in the center.

How to Make a Bow out of Ribbon

8.  Laced Ribbon Bow ~ This lace ribbon bow is absolutely precious.  The lace adds a wonderful texture to the bow.

Ribbon and Bows Gift Toppers

Ribbon and Bows to Make

9.  Ribbon Rose Bow ~ You can achieve the ribbon rose in the center of the bow by twisting the ribbon in a circular pattern.  The remainder of the bow is layers of different sizes of ribbon.  Exquisite!

Ribbon and Gift Bow

10.  Festive Bow Gift Topper {free printable} ~ There are two bow gift topper color options to choose from, aqua and pink to download.  There is also an option to choose to/from and non-text versions of each.   If those color choices don’t work for you there’s a color-your-own version.

How to Make a Gift Bow

Home to Make a Bow

11.  Homemade Paper Peony ~ Download the free template to create your own detailed paper peony.  A gorgeous addition to any package.

How to Make a Bow

12.  Origami Paper Bows for Gift WrappingThese origami paper bows are so pretty.  You could use colorful magazine pages or scraps of gift wrapping to make some beautiful combinations.  They would looks smashing against brown butcher paper or white tissue paper.

Craft Bow Instructions

How to Make a Fabric Bow

13.  Fabric Bow Tutorial ~ Make beautiful fabric bows using scraps of fabric.  Add the bow to a headband, belt, package, or turn it into a dapper bow tie.

Craft Bows

14.  Junk Mail Gift Bow ~ This step by step tutorial will show you how to create a gift bow from your Christmas junk mail or Christmas ads.  Who doesn’t love a free project?!

Ribbon Bow

15.  How to Make a Bow ~ Make a handmade bow to add to any package, wreath or home decor.  You can achieve this full bow by making loops with your ribbon.  Wired ribbon is a perfect option because you can easily manipulate it.

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