How To Make Labels for Jar Canning {15 free printables}

Here is a fun round up on how to make labels for Jar Canning.  We’ve already talk about Jar Canning Recipes and Tips that were submitted by readers.  Now let’s do what we do best and make our final product pretty!

How To Make Labels for Jar Canning 15 Free Printable Labels

How To Make Labels

How To Make Labels

1.  Strawberry Jam Printable Labels – After canning a double batch of jam, label them with these strawberry labels from Executive Homemaker.

2.  Canning Label Templates – Print onto full-sheet sticker paper using a laser color printer. No laser color printer? FedEx Office can print them for you very cheaply.

3.  Fabric Jam Jar Topper & Tags – A quick how to for making fabric jam jar toppers, and I also have printable rectangular tags and circular labels for 9 different types of jam from Domestifluf.

4.  Homemade Mason Jar Tag – A canning party invite as well as several jar canning labels and tags from Cottage Industrialist.

Free Printable Labels for Canning Mason Jars

Free Printable Labels for Canning Mason Jars

5.  Homemade Jam Labels – Pick the flavor jam you’ve made and print out these darling Shaby Chic labels from Eat, Drink, Chic.

6.  Printable Marmalade Canning Labels – Download and print these fun labels.  There are orange, yellow and green labels to cover the full marmalade spectrum.

7.  Canning Lids Download – four different designs and put them all together on one sheet for you to be able to print them onto Avery Sticker Project Paper and use for your own home canning from A Sonoma Garden.

8.  Vegetable and Jam Circle Labels – These are sized for the wide mouth jar lids. If you scale them down by about 25% they are good for the smaller jar lids from Bitter Betty Blogs.

Make Labels for Jars and Bottles

Make Labels for Jars and Bottles

9.  Farm Fresh Labels – First I picked a pretty scrap of fabric and cut it into a circle large enough to cover the lid of the jar. Found some jute string and printed my label.

10.  Retro Stripe Circle Labels – Designed to go on top of canning jar lids, and available in three different retro-fabulous colors.

11.  Clip Art Craft: Jam Lid Labels – To make labels for your jams, download and print the image of your choice sized as needed from Martha Steward.

12.  Printable Jar Labels – The jar labels are for apricot butter are yours for the downloading, along with extra labels for strawberry jam, cherry chutney, and a blank label on which you can write your own recipe name from How About Orange.
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  1. I opened the pdf for orange marmalade labels, it looked orange, and printed it- got a page of green marmalade labels. I’ll use them because printer ink is expensive, but….

  2. I have actually be scouring the internet trying to find some good ones– and here they are all organized! Thanks so much!

  3. Thank you so much for gathering all of these labels together into a collection for us to find and use!! Awesome! Angie xo

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