How to Store Herbs and Avoid Mold


Store Herbs
Stephanie loves to use fresh herbs when cooking but she can’t use them fast enough and they end up getting moldy in the refrigerator.  Stephanie submitted her solution  on how to store herbs by freezing herbs in ice cube trays!

How to Store Fresh Herbs

Freeze your herbs in ice cube trays. Chop up herbs and place into individual ice cube trays. Make sure you measure your herbs per ice cube. That way if a recipes calls for 1 TBS of fresh herbs, you’ll know how many ice cubes you need. Pour about 1/4 cup of water over every 1 cup of herbs. Then freeze. When you need to use herbs, just thaw out however much you need or want to use.

What a brilliant tip!  The cilantro in my home goes bad all the time.  Not anymore!  {{evil laugh}}


  1. Comment-Anonymous Airtight Storage Containers

    Freezing herbs is really the best way to store them, and this ice tray method is really practical. Interesting storage container, but perfect, since that’s about all you really need each time you cook.

  2. Comment-Anonymous Carolyn

    My sister in-law places her herbs in ice cube trays and fills them with Olive Oil. She said that most recipes require Olive Oil so its perfect…

  3. Comment-Anonymous Megan

    omg! I am SO doing this!!!! Ingenious!

  4. Comment-Anonymous Entertain Exchange

    Great idea – I always feel bad that what I am growing in my garden goes to waste!

  5. Comment-Anonymous Shel @ Dreamy Nest?

    That is brilliant! I’m going to the store now to stock up on ice cube trays! Thank you!!!!

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