Jewelry Fashion Accessories

I’m so excited for today’s post – I’m featuring fabulous jewelry fashion accessories submitted to me by Tip Junkie readers. These Ladies are extremely talented and you’re just going to love them.

If you head over to their blog, take a minute to leave a comment and tell them the Tip Junkie sent ya! {{wink}}

Jewelry Fashion Accessories

1. Fabric Flower Bracelet – A little whimsical and feminine fabric flower bracelet make out of fabric scraps.
2.  Zipper Rose Headband Tutorial – I have seen zipper flowers popping up here and there and for Christmas I decided to make one for my sister. It was easier than I thought it would be so I wanted to share how to make them.
3.  Sweater Flower and Pearl Necklace – I bought a sweater at a thrift store and cut it apart to make the flower. Then added some ribbon and pearls, and there you go.
4.  Braided headband with yarn – I used 6 pieces in each portion so total 18 pieces in one braid. Tie them up with a hairband, divide in three equal pieces and start braiding.

Hand Made Fashion

5.  Bottle Cap Bows
6.  Super easy tutorial for making a full skirt
7.  Paper Bead Safety Pin Bracelet
8.  Tutorial-Ruffle Shirt for $1

Free Clothing Patterns

9.  Sweater to Make Believe Tweed Jacket
10.  Lace Trimmed T-Shirt with Tutorial
11.  Mesh Jewelry Organizer tutorial
12.  How to make a Zipper Flower bracelet

Jewlery Accessories

13.  Peep Toe Makeover out of $4 shoes
14.  Sweater make into a ruffled vest
15.  Mod Podge shoes to make them fabulous
16.   3 different shirts turned to 1 amazing dress


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  2. I love all of them! Really cool!
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