12 Ways to Beautify Your Laundry Room


Do you like to do laundry?  Um, I don’t.  Laundry is one of those weekly chores that I grin and bear and usually have to reward myself for finishing later with a yummy treat. {{giggle}}  However, one of my favorite pastimes is decorating.  So today, I’m giving you 12 ways to beautify your laundry room and create a gorgeous space for yourself!

Laundry Room Design

Laundry Room Design

1.  ModGirl’s Laundry Room Walls – I love her paint job, and fun organizing tools and her handy stain removal chart.

2.  Shabby Chic Laundry Room – Talk about love is in the details, I cannot get over how much work and attention she put into the laundry room.  It’s gorgeous.

3.  Green and Damask Laundry Room Makeover –  With a little paint, fabric and a new shelf, she now has transformed her boring messy room into something fun.

4.  Mud Room Remodel – Who says you have to keep a closet or cabinets where the builder puts them?  In The Fun Lane breaks all the rules and creates a gorgeous larger space that works better.

Laundry Room Make Over

Laundry Room Make Over

5.  Laundry Room Paint – Look at the beautiful stencil painting that Jennifer did in her laundry room.

6.  DIY Design Fantastic Laundry – Laundry Room Mini Makeover- What a Difference Accessories Make.

7.  Laundry Closet remodel – I cannot believe that how beautiful this laundry pantry is.  WOW!

8.  Laundry Room Design – What once was a completely empty space, is now a gorgeous place.

Laundry Room Decorating Ideas

Laundry Room Decorating Ideas

9. Drying Rack Tutorial – Make your own drying rack for your laundry!   The total cost for the supplies for my drying rack was around $25 (not including paint and primer that I had in my supply closet).   Compare that to Ballard’s price of $89.

10.  Beautify your laundry necessity – turn a candy store jar or canister into a pretty laundry container with vinyl die cuts

11.  Laundry room sign…check your pockets – Laundry room sign…check your pockets

12.  Sew your own Ironing Board Cover – Make a new ironing board cover to match your laundry room or house.

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  1. Love these!!! Really love the check your pockets sign- I have washed ipods, mp3’s, business checks, children (just kidding).

    Sharing these with my facebook readers!

  2. I have my laundry in my basement and my dream is of a pretty laundry room some day! Thanks for sharing these beautiful image! Angie xo

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