5 Cool Lego Movie Party Games & Activities


Throwing a Lego Movie party can be so much fun!  There are a ton of items available to help make a semi-homemade party fun, fabulous and MEMORABLE, but when planning a party for the kiddos, it’s all about the games and activities.

You have to keep those kiddies occupied and happy or a party that’s going great can go downhill quickly.  It doesn’t matter how fabulous your decorations are if you can’t keep the kids engaged.  So, here are 5 Lego Movie Party Games and Activities that are sure to keep your party guests thrilled to be at the party!

5 cool lego movie games

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Bean Bag Toss Game

To MAKE:   Since they have yellow faces, start with a yellow tri-fold poster-board typically used for Science projects. Use colored poster-board for the Lego men hair and helmets.  {I just free-handed the template and then cut it out.}  For the eyes and sunglasses, cut out construction paper and glue it on. Use a black sharpie to draw on the eyebrows and the rest of the sunglasses.  Then use a Xacto-knife to cut out the mouth which is the opening for the bean bag game.  To keep the tri-fold poster-boards from falling over when hit with the bean bag,  cut 2 holes on the back of each side.  Then, thread ribbon to hold the two sides together. This gives it the stability it needs to endure 20 kids throwing bean bags at it. {wink}

To Play: The object of this game is to toss the bean bags so they land inside the hole. {or mouth} You can play this in teams or individually. The person or team with the most points wins.

bean bag toss game




Lose the Legos

To MAKE:  Buy or Collect Tissue boxes with rectangle openings to be used for the game!  Empty out all the Tissues, remove the plastic from the box opening.   On each side of the box, cut out slits big enough to slip a belt through. You can reinforce the corners with duct tape if needed.

 To PLAY:   Secure the tissue boxes on each child with a belt.  Fill the box with Legos or {8 ping pong balls}. Set a timer for one minute. Then, have the player jump and wiggle to try to shake out all of the Legos or balls before the timer runs out.




Lego TicTacToe

Tic Tac Toe Lego Game

To MAKE:   First, you have to make or buy a Lego base plate for the board.  Next, create a 3×3 grid of squares with thin Lego’s. This way you’ll have three rows with three columns, essentially ending up with 9 squares to place your Lego bricks.  Lastly, add the Lego “markers”.  Simply find five 2×2 square bricks {4 Lego bumps} in two different colors. That’s one color for each player.

To PLAY:  Pick someone to go first. Traditionally the best first move is in the center. This maximizes your chances of winning, with multiple combinations of getting 3 in a row.  After the first player goes, have the second player should put down his colored Lego. The second player can either try to block or start their 3-in-a-row.  Players then alternate moves until one wins or all the squares on the board are filled. To win, one of the players has to get 3 of their Lego brick colors in a row ~ horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.




Skee Ball

Homemade Skee Ball

To MAKE:  Print or draw Skee Ball numbers. Cut poster boards to the desired length and height.

To PLAY:   Set up the skee ball hoops a few feet away from the player. The length will depend on the age of the player. Have the players take turns throwing a ball or Lego into the skee ball hoop. Keep score individually, as a team, or just play for fun.




Bulid Lego Mini Figures Game

Build Lego Mini Figures Game

To PLAY:  you can play the Build Lego Minifigures game any way you want. You can play this fun game individually or in teams; blindfolded or not. Whatever works best for your party guests.

Ideas for creating for the Build Lego Minifigures Game are these Lego Movie characters: Emmett, Bad Cop, Good cop, Benny, Lego Lincoln, President Business, as well as a traditional Lego Man.



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