Lemonade Themed Party Printable kit

Lemonade Party Printable Decorating KitEHprint Print Free File:
Lemonade Party : Cupcake Topper (1979 downloads)

Everything you need when you want to organize a lemonade themed party, best suited for summer but can last a whole year through, since you can buy lemons and make lemonades all year long!

EHprint Print Free File:
Lemonade Party : Napkin Rings (825 downloads)

EHprint Print Free File:
Lemonade Party : Invitation (676 downloads)

EHprint Print Free File:
Lemonade Party : Favor Box (797 downloads)

About the Executive Homemaker:

Ning is a talented illustrator who blesses us with her artwork from Indonesia. You can check out her personal blog to get to know her and her lovely creations.

PLEASE respect my effort in making and designing the printable. Though I share it for free doesn’t mean you have the right to sell, alter, and/or claim it as your own. Use it for personal use only, if your friends want a copy don’t give them yours, give them the link to EH or Babalisme’s personal blog.

Lemonade Party Printable Decorating Kit
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