12 Necklace Accessories and Fashion Tutorials

Are you looking to spice up your jewelry with some handmade items?  If so, you’ll love these 12 necklace accessories and fashion tutorials which include how to make embellished tops, necklaces accessories and hand made fashion ideas.

These tutorials are so much fun and can be used in a variety of ways.  I hope they inspire you to make something new and pretty to wear this week.  Hugs!

Embellished Tops

1.  Glazed Fabric Button Ring Tutorial – How to make a glazed fabric button ring so the fabric won’t get all wet and smelly.
2.  Zipper daisy tutorial – instructions on how to make a daisy with zippers
3.  Screenprinting with Mod Podge tutorial
4.  Use a bleach pen to make a one-of-a-kind t-shirt

Necklaces Accessories

5.  Vera Wang Style Bib Necklace – Tutorial for making a bib necklace for around $15
6.  Ruffled felted wools sweater laptop bag – turn a thrift store sweater into a lined laptop bag with fun ruffle.
7.  Best Mascara for Moms – Check out my mascara reviews.
8.  How to make a blouse from two pillowcases

Hand Made Fashion

9.  Ribbon and Pearls Necklace & Bracelet Set – Tutorial for only $5
10.  Animal Print Tennis Shoes with Rhinestones
11.  Glitter Toes (by You) – How to create adorable Glitter Toes without a trip to the salon.
12.  Stretch Knit Pregnancy Band – How to make a pregnancy band using stretch knit

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  1. Great Instructions! I love the design, i think necklaces are a sign of human personality. Wow this is a great blog.Thanks for sharing do keep posting.

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