Make a Game for Valentine's Day {3 printable games}

Are you looking to make a game for Valentine’s day for your kids?  Then you are hooked up!  Here are three Valentine Day games you can quickly print out and play at the school party or at home for fun with the kids.

Make a Game

Don’t Eat Val! This is a spin off the game ‘Don’t Eat Pete!’ It’s the easiest (and yummiest) game to play for Valentine’s day with your family or school party. It features these adorable Valentine Puppies.

This game is so simple your older children can play it with your toddler! It’s simple to make and even easier to play. The sky’s the limit with Don’t Eat Val! Use cereal, dinner or lunch food, as well as any kind of candy to play. Click here to print it out.

Other Useful Ideas:

1. Eat Dinner: Use this game to get your toddler to eat his dinner. Cut up the food in bite-size pieces (chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, etc.) Put one piece of dinner in each square. Play the game accordingly.

2. Gifts: Attach a bag of M&M’s and you’ve got a great Valentine’s gift!

3. Valentine’s Day: Wondering what to do with all that Valentine candy? Play Don’t Eat Val! together as a family.

4. Babysitter Game: This is also a great game for babysitters to play with your children. Kids love the “treat” and it’s enjoyable for all. If you have a child that frequently babysits – make the game for him/her to play with the kids she tends.

Valentine Day Games

Valentine Memory: Memory is such a fun and easy game to play with children of all ages. Play this game at home as a family or during a kids Valentine’s Day party. Print out the cards here, they’re free.

Valentine Bingo: You can’t go wrong with B-I-N-G-O! We’ve done all the work for you, simply print out the cards and you’re ready to play. My boys love to use cereal as the markers and then they get to eat it after each winner.


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  1. Thanks Laurie! I think we will play this at our FHE on Monday. My girls LOVE “Don’t Eat Pete”.

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