How to Craft {Super Saturday Ideas }

It’s the beginning of the year and time to plan a Super Saturday DIY/Craft day with your girlfriends! Right now I’m doing some research for my Church’s “Saturday Spectacular” craft day. Here are some great ideas from some crazy talented bloggers:

Super Saturday Ideas

First off is my friend Katri who organized such a wonderful day. Here is a magnetic board where you use spray on glue to adhere any fabric you’d like. They also made those cool magnets.

Katri’s DIY day included two diffent types of bath salts and many other fun projects. You can view all the projects in 2 seperate posts here and here.

Beverly made this amazing Etching Nativity Scene and taught it at her Super Saturday. You can even e-mail Beverly for instructions! So creative.

There are so many fun things you can do with etching! You can even etch your last name on a 9×13 pyrex pan like ‘Are you Serious’ did. (Great blog name.) What a fun way to be sure you get that casserole back! ha ha

I also think this would make a great gift. Add in the ingredients of your favorite baked meal and you’ve got a homemade, useable, and thoughtful gift!

Summer has given step-by-step instructions complete with pictures, on how to make tile pictures. I’ve seen them done so many ways with many different kinds of prints. My friend Rebecca has one that she then framed, it’s gorgeous!

**Update:  You can find a tutorial for the tile pictures on Art Tiles.

Here’s a tile using family photos from Ashley. I also like those “Give Thanks” boards, too cute!

Heidi made this ‘Name in a Floating Frame’ as well some other great crafts!

Check out Heidi’s Snowflake wall plaque. What a great spin on the typical “winter” decor.

Jor posted so many great ideas. Here’s my favorite, coaster tiles with pictures of loved ones on them. Brilliant!

Scripture & Tote bags

Diana has hooked us up with so many DIY/Craft ideas you won’t know where to begin!

Mini Scrapbooks

Ribbon Watches

Onesies w/ Ties

Be sure to check out alll of the great ideas Diana posted!

Jessica made several of these cute Holiday Blocks as well as some vinyl projects.

SAHM of 3 made several great crafts. Here’s an great spin on the typical scrapbook.

Melissa showcased sevaral ornaments in her post, here’s my favorite.

Cami has tons of great DIY ideas. Here’s her Camelback Board that I LOVE!

Cami also posted about: tile picture boards, large christmas tree countdown, christmas story, and pajama pants.

Tricia posted all about her Super Saturday craft day and her ideas don’t dissapoint. Here’s her Memory tree – beautiful!

Nikki designed this Exploding Box for her craft day. I haven’t see anything like it and I’m blown away. Simply Incredible!

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  1. You are so sweet to give me an award for the scrapbook, but I can’t take the credit! I wish that I could say that I designed it, but I signed up for it and copied the sample.

    Love this tips that you have made!

  2. Amanda – the award isn’t necessarily for the person who designed the craft. It’s also for the person who took the time to blog it and therefore inspire everyone who reads it! 😉 Thanks for inspiring me and give me more ideas to plan for my DIY Day!

  3. how fun, thanks for the award! i feel honored that my crafts were award worthy! hopefully they help out someone.

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