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25 How To Make a Paper Hat Tutorials


How to Make a Paper Hat tutorials for parties, holidays and kids crafts.  These paper hats include pictured tutorials and instructions on how to make paper cone hats as party hats, newspaper hats for pirates and sailors, and even paper plate hats for fun activities for kids.

This list of how to make a paper hat brings you creative tutorials that will blow your mind. With their beautiful colors and easy patterns, paper hats are sure to delight your party guests the moment they walk in! Check out the 13 best way to make a the perfect paper hat below.

How to Make a Paper Hat

25 How To Make a Paper Hat Tutorials

Wondering how to make crafts out of paper?  Then I’ve got your back with fun and festive paper hats you can make.  Typically to make a paper you either font the paper into a cone shape and cut off the bottom edge or you can fold it into origami shapes.  Either way I’ve got you covered with tutorials below.

Easy Paper Cone Hat

DIY Party Hat

1.  How to Make a Paper Hat ~ Here is a great tutorial for some simple DIY party hats.  Includes a printable template and you can use any color paper and fringe to match your party decor.  This could even be a party craft for the kids to make for themselves.

You also might like to make mini versions of these paper cone hats as they are so adorable!

DIY Glitter Holiday Party Paper Hats

2.  DIY Glitter Holiday Party Paper Hats ~ Made from mod podge, glitter, and tinsel garland, and elastic, Studio DIY gives you pictured instructions on how to make these festive party paper hats.

Party Origami Hat

Make Hat

3.  Party Hats as Party Crafts ~ These party hats are absolutely adorable!  And, what a fun party craft.  Little girls always love picking flowers.  Now they can decorate their own custom newspaper hats with them.  After the party they can be thrown in the compost for easy recycling.

Make Paper Hat

4.  Accordion Paper Party Hats ~ This accordion party hat is fab-u-lous!  I love that it is not a conventional party hat.  And, that it is attached to a headband.  How cool is that?!  It will actually stay on your head.

Make Paper Hats

5.  How to Make a Vintage Paper Crown ~ Every princess needs her crown.  Right?!  Whether you are planning a party or not this little tutorial is perfect for your little princess! Download the free crown template and decorate with book pages or music paper and some glitter for pizazz.

Newspaper Sailors Hats

What is the best paper craft you have done using a newspaper?  Well a paper sailor hat of course!

Make Hat

6.  How to Make Newspaper Hats ~ Learn how to make the old-fashioned newspaper hat.  A cheap project using recycled newspaper.  Kids can decorate them with stickers and colored paper.

Paper Pirate Hat

How to make pirate hats out of paper? Click the link below for a pictured tutorial on how to make a newspaper pirate hat.

Newspaper paper pirate hat tutorial

7.  Newspaper Pirate Hat Tutorial ~ Learning how to make a newspaper hat is something that every boy should know how to do. As Alison says, it can transform you from a normal kid to a sailor, a soldier, a pirate – whatever you want to be!

Tip:  Each hat will take one folded news page and to start you want to cut about 1.5-2″ off of the (non folded) edge of the newspaper.

Warning!  Working with newspaper can be messy as the ink can rub onto fingers and off on couches, fabric, and anywhere.

Paper Hat

8.  Peter Pan Party Hat ~ This Peter Pan party hat is so much fun!  You could make them for a party, dress up or just for fun.   Kraft paper was used to make the hat and tissue paper to make the feather.  Of course, you could use a real feather if you prefer.

Origami Cowboy Hat

Origami Cowboy Hat Tutorial

9.  Origami Cowboy Hat ~ Pictured instructions on how to make a paper cowboy hat using a long rectangle piece of paper. This tutorial also includes a cowboy hat video.

Origami Top Hat

Make a Pleated, One-Size-Fits-All Top Hat From Office Waste Paper

10. Origami Top Hat Pattern ~ Make this accordion paper top hat out of paper.  The tutorial includes pictures and diagrams so you can make it too. I really enjoyed their office group photo wearing the hats. Super festive.

Paper Plate Hats


11.  Paper Napkin Paper Plate Hats ~ Oh Happy Day has created these fabulous over the top paper hats using paper napkins.

paper plate hat by rainbow diaries

12.  Happy Birthday Singapore Paper Plate Craft ~ An easy way to create a patriotic paper plate craft.  This one is for Singapore but it could easily be created for any country.

Community Helper paper hats for police, nurse, fireman

13.  Community Helpers Printable Paper Hats ~ FREE printable community helper paper hats which are in 10 different occupations. The kids can have fun coloring their hats any way they want to.

Other paper plate hats include:

Paper Nurse Hat

How to make an old fashioned nurse hat using low resources?  You can use fabric, craft foam, or a paper plate.

how to make a female nurse hat out of craft foam

14.  Easy Nurse Hat ~ A quick way to make an old fashioned nurse hat using white and red craft foam.

Another Paper Nurse Hat that’s super easy nurse hat folding a paper plate in half with a felt red plus and embellished with rhinestones.

Paper Sombrero

Paper Sombrero Made with Cups

15.  Paper Sombrero Made from Cups ~ A super easy craft that kids can make using dessert size places and cups.  To make you gather your supplies a paper plate, paper cup, some pipe cleaners, puff balls and glue.

Origami Baseball Cap

16.  Paper Origami Baseball Cap ~ Print out this template onto any color paper and cut along the lines.  Use a glue stick and brad to attach the cap to the base of the baseball cap.

Paper Hat Tutorial

Make Paper Hat

17.  Chef Hat ~ Easily make a chef hat from a “sentence strip” or a strip of construction paper and tissue paper.  The tissue is bunched together along the paper strip using double-sided tape to create the top of the chef hat.

Graduation Hat Origamigraduation hat origami

18. Origami Graduation Hat Tutorial ~ A video with instructions on how to fold graduation hat origami to give as a congratulatory gift or as an invitation.  This paper hat is made from 1 sheet of square paper and you can also make a little paper tassel to go on top.

Easy Origami Hats

Make Hat

19.  Construction Paper Beanie ~ Create a beanie hat using strips of scrap paper.  You can either glue or staple it together.  Decorate it with pom pom’s, yarn, stickers or googly eyes.

DIy Paper Hats

20.  Easy Paper Hats ~ Here’s the mother load of party hats.  There are 10 free template downloads to create hats for costume hats, mix and match hats and tall top hats.

Free Frog Hat and Butterfly Paper Hat Printables

21.  Free Frog Hat and Butterfly Paper Hat Printables ~ Free printable and instant downloads these paper frog and butterfly paper hats will be adored by your preschooler or toddler.

DIY Collage Hats

22.  Collage Hats ~ These collage hats are perfect for children ages 3-6.  They create a three dimensional collage that is turned into a hat.

Holiday Paper Hats

Origami Santa Hat Party Cone Hat

23.  Christmas: Origami Santa Hat ~ A free printable Santa hat that you can quickly print out and tape together.

Easter Paper Hat Made from a Paper Cup

24.  Easter: Cup Bunny Paper Hats ~ Make these darling bunny hats made from a few supplies like paper cups, ribbon, and tissue paper.

25.  Halloween:  How to Make Quilling Paper Witches Hats

Make Paper Hat

26.  Thanksgiving:  DIY Paper Pilgrim Hat ~ These pilgrim hats are a fun way to let your child get into character for Thanksgiving.  They would also be a perfect activity to keep them busy while you are preparing the Thanksgiving meal.  Download the free template to get started.

I hope these help inspire you and I also hope you’ll take the time to leave your ideas and links you create or find in the comments below.  I love adding to this list and would be happy to feature you. {high fives}

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How to Make a Paper Hat FAQ:

We’ve gotten lots of questions over the years about paper hats and thought I could hopefully answer some questions that you have in case you were wondering!

  1. How do you spray paint hats?  Make sure you use a heaver paper like cardstock and when you spray pant paper hats make sure you don’t get too close otherwise it will saturate the paper and create a hole or run the paint.
  2. Is origami hard?  It can be.  You should be able to decide if a project is hard depending on how many folds, how large the paper, and intricate the design.
  3. Can I use hot glue on a paper hat?  Absolutely. Just be careful and don’t use too much at once.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Use the right kind of paper for each paper hat.  Make sure to use thicker cardstock paper if you’re going add embellishments to your paper hat.
  • Making sure you start out with the right sized paper.  Most of the time you’ll need to cut off a section before starting the project.

What Did I Miss?

I’d love to know what paper hats and tutorials you are looking for and want to make.  Leave a comment below. I also take requests, so if you’re looking for something specific let me know in the comments.

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