96 Beautiful DIY Wreaths To Make! [free patterns]


Learn how to make wreaths with these 96 pictured tutorials.  Make wreaths for any occasion, season, and holiday.  You’ll find a door wreath to make using almost anything like rag wreaths, floral and flower wreaths, paper, heart, and even candy wreaths!

96 Beautiful DIY Wreaths To Make

How To Make Wreaths

Wood and Burlap Natural Fall Wreath

1.  Wood and Burlap Natural Fall Wreath ~ Using nature’s elements is perfect for decorating!  Wood slices are used for the wreath and decorated with burlap and pine cones.

Neutral Rag-Tied Wreath

2.  Neutral Rag-Tied Wreath ~ Make a neutral wreath perfect for any season using drop cloth, wire wreath form and scissors. No gluing or pinning required.

DIY Snowball Wreath Anthropologie Inspired

3.  DIY Anthropologie Inspired Wreath ~ Create your own Anthropologie Knock-off Wreath with this simple tutorial! An already purchased pom pom wreath was upcycled with snowballs and 5 boiled wool balls. So simple and inexpensive! Hang it for a beautiful accent piece to your Christmas decor.

Fall Ombre Rosette Wreath

4.  Fall Ombre Rosette Wreath –~ Look at how pretty this fall wreath is with the graduated shades of rosettes!  The Fall pennant is the icing on the cake.

How to Make a Succulent Wreath

5.  How to Make a Succulent Wreath ~ A step by step guide to making a succulent wreath. This wreath is so classic, it could be used year round!


6.  Autumn Popcorn Wreath ~ This popcorn wreath is not only beautiful, but very clever.  The wreath form is a pool noodle, wrapped in burlap with popcorn kernels glued to it.

diy cotton wreath b

7.  DIY Cotton Wreath ~ Using a twig wreath and cotton stems you can create a gorgeous wreath. Come learn how to create your own!

Burlap & Lace Wreath

8.  Burlap & Lace Wreath ~ The combination of textures, patterns and color palette is perfection!  It’s sure to give your guests a warm welcome.  Some supplies you will need to get started are strips of burlap, a straw wreath form, fabric and lace.

diy yarn wreaths

DIY Yarn Wreaths

9.   50 Beautiful Yarn Craft Tutorials ~ Here are 50 yarn craft ideas complete with pictured tutorials on yarn wreaths to make, yarn letters, how to make pom poms,  yarn garlands, even yarn covered bangles.

Yarn Fall Wreath

10.  Yarn Fall Wreath ~ Adorn a pool noodle with yarn, wheat and silk flowers. The mixture of textures and neutrals is simply stunning!

DIY Fall Yarn Ball Wreath

11.  DIY Fall Yarn Ball Wreath ~  This wreath could easily carry over from the holidays and throughout the winter.  In fact, if you could get your hands on some ornaments, you could use pastel yarn and do a Spring version.  Or red white and blue…endless possibilities.

Felt Wreath Tutorials

Felt Wreath Tutorials

12.  Ombre Felt Wreath Tutorial ~ This tutorial couples the beautiful ombre pattern we all love with a felt wreath.

13.  Leaves and Lace Felt Wreath ~ An elegant wreath made out of yellow felt feathers hung by a piece of lace.

Rosette & Felt Wreath

14.  Rosette & Felt Wreath ~ Adorn a wreath form with ribbon, lace and felt flowers.  The mixture of textures and neutrals is simply stunning!

Fabric & Ruffled Felt Wreath

15.  Fabric & Ruffled Felt Wreath ~ This is such an easy, inexpensive wreath and would look fabulous on your front door.  The fabric combination possibilities are endless and they also make great gifts. {sorry ladies, it appears that this blog has been taken offline.}

Felt Patriotic Wreath Tutorial

16.  Felt Patriotic Wreath Tutorial ~ It’s made using a foam wreath form and small squares of felt, pressed in to the foam with a skewer stick. We did have the idea to include some springy stars and they are a cute touch.

How to Make a Plastic Spoon Laurel Wreath

17.  How to Make a Plastic Spoon Laurel Wreath ~ Using plastic spoons (yes plastic spoons!) you can create a gorgeous wreath. Come learn how to create your own!

How to make Birthday Balloon Wreaths

Birthday Balloon Wreaths

18.  Birthday Mini-Balloon Wreath ~ Balloons have to be the most traditional birthday party decoration.  Take the tradition in a new direction and use them to make a birthday wreath to celebrate the special day.

19.  Mickey Mouse Party Balloon Wreath ~ Attach any stuffed animal to a balloon wreath to meet your gusts at the front door.

Door Wreaths

Door Wreaths

20.  Moss & Burlap JOY Wreath ~ Here is a quick idea for a different style wreath for your front door. Just take 3 letters to spell JOY (or every noel), paint and moss.  Secure each letter to a strip of burlap.

Snowman Wreath Tutorial

21.  Snowman Wreath Tutorial ~ Here is a quick idea for a different style wreath for your front door. Just take 3 wreaths in graduated sizes (this picture is of the backs of the wreaths). I used 2-3 ties to secure one wreath to the other.

Bunny Circle Wreath Tutorial

22.  Bunny Circle Wreath Tutorial ~ Use 2 straw wreath forms and a plastic hanger to make this Bunny Wreath. It is a very easy project and took me about half an hour to make.

Flower Wreath

Flower Wreath

23.  Fabric Flower Frame Wreath ~ With an old frame and some scraps of fabric, you too can make this gorgeous spring wreath.

24.  Yarn Wreath with Roses How-To ~ Adorn a simple yarn wreath with fabric flowers and some painted wooden letters.

25.   Paper Flower Wreath Tutorial ~ It’s not too early to start thinking about spring decorating ideas, and this cute shabby-chic paper flower wreath is a perfect centerpiece idea to help get you started on your spring decor projects. {sorry ladies, looks like this blog is no long online.}

26.  Rolled Paper Wreath Tutorial~ This stylish gift is easy and practically free…but looks like it cost a lot! You’re guests will never believe it was made with coffee filters.

Floral Wreath

Floral Wreath

27.  Spring Showers Wreath {Wreaths} ~ This Spring wreath is door decor perfection! Using two Spring essentials tulips and an umbrella you’ll learn how to create this beautiful and clever front door decoration. Use the umbrella year after year to help ring in the Spring season!

How to make Ribbon Wreath

Ribbon Wreath

28.  Bow Ribbon Wreath Tutorial ~ This DIY wreath is a simple and easy project that won’t require an entire pot of gold to create. How to make a Rag wreath

Rag wreath

29. How to make a rag wreath ~ Pick up some fun patterns to turn into this great rag wreath.  A few wooden letters and some paint and you will have a beautiful, one of a kind, wreath to welcome all of the trick or treaters.

30. Miniature Linen Wreath Tutorial ~ A simple way on how to make simple mini wreaths for ornaments, gift toppers, or decor.

how to make Tulle Wreaths

Tulle Wreaths

31.  Apple Tulle Wreath ~ A darling tulle wreath tutorial that’s perfect for back to school or a teacher appreciation gift.

32.  Tulle Flag Wreath ~ This fun 4th of July flag wreath is easy to make with a wreath form and some tulle.  A great last minute addition to your 4th of July decor. How to make a Book Page Wreath

Book Page Wreath

33.  Book Page Flower Wreath Tutorial ~ This book page flower wreath is designed on a coat hanger, making it an easy decorating with paper craft to hang anywhere.

34.  How to Make  Book Page Flower Wreath ~ A step by step guide to making book page flowers into a wreath.

35.  Book Wreath Tutorial~ Recycle your old books into a gorgeous wreath. Using an old book with give you the look of patina that only comes with age. {sorry ladies, looks like this blog is no longer online.}

DIY Book Page Wreath

36.  DIY Book Page Wreath ~ Recycle your old books into a gorgeous wreath. Using an old book will give you the look of patina that only comes with age.

DIY Napkin Paper Wreath

Paper Wreaths

37.  DIY Napkin Paper Wreath ~ The theme of this wreath can be easily changed by simply using different cocktail napkins. Make one for any occasion.

How To make A Paper Wreath

38.  Punched Paper Flower Wreath ~ These punched paper flowers are easy to make, inexpensive, and can be used for  a wide variety of Spring projects.

39.  Paper Flower Wreath Tutorial ~ These wreaths are fairly large and require twenty-five to thirty flowers. Yes, it does take me forever. But. It lasts forever. The flowers never die and it’s gorgeous.

40.  Pinwheel Paper Wreath Tutorial ~ This adorable wreath is not only fun to make, but is an easy project your children can help make.

41.  How to Make a Paper Wreath ~ This wreath can be easily customized for any season or occasion so you can have one up all year long.

DIY Paper Christmas Wreath

42.  Paper Christmas Wreath ~ This simple craft with paper wreath holds so many options. You can make it with traditional colors with red and green wrapping or scrapbooking paper or get some bright blues and purples for a springtime feel.

How to make a paper wreath

43.  3D Paper Star Wreath  ~ This wreath is easy to make, and turns your pieces of scrap paper into something gorgeous.

44.  Patriotic Paper Cone Wreath ~ Create an American Flag inspired paper cone wreath with an inexpensive wreath form from the dollar store.

45.  Patriotic Paper Wreath ~ Welcome all of your guests at the door with this patriotic paper wreath.  Easily create one of your own with some red, white, and blue scrapbook paper.

46.  How To Make An Origami Wreath ~ Once you have all 12 sheets of paper folded you can insert them into each other and after the last piece you will have a beautiful wreath. Paper Wreath Tutorial

47.  Butcher Paper Wreath Tutorial ~ This all-white spring wreath is made completely from butcher paper – A beautiful and inexpensive way to spruce up a door or room.

48.  Paper Towel Spring Wreath ~ How to make a spring paper wreath using power towels.

Coffee Filter Wreath Tutorials

Coffee Filter Wreath Tutorials

49.  Coffee Filter Wreath Tutorial ~ How to use coffee fileters, tissue paper flowers and cardboard to make this beautiful wreath to hang on your door.

50.  Flat Coffee Filter Wreath ~ I just love how easy this coffee filter wreath looks with it’s elegant ruffles by folding the coffee filters in half.

how to make a Moss door Wreath

Moss Wreath

51.  Monogrammed Door Wreath ~ A cute idea for adding some personal flair to an existing or store-bought wreath.

52.   How to Make a Moss Wreath ~  A step by step guide to making a lush moss wreath.  This wreath is so classic, it could be used year round!

Moss Monogram Door Sign

53.  Moss Monogram Door Sign ~ If wreaths are not your thing then this customized moss monogram door sign is perfect for you!  Contractor wood shims and sheet moss are used to make the door sign.

Spring Moss Wreath

54.  Spring Moss Wreath ~ A step by step guide to making a lush moss wreath with fabric flowers. Adding the flowers is a cute idea for adding some personal flair!

How to make a moss wreath

55.  Ballard’s Knock Off Alphabet Wreath ~ The basic supplies to make this fresh cedar monogram wreath is a letter form, fresh cut greenery, wire, and wire cutters. {sorry ladies, this blog has become private.}

56. Pottery Barn Knock Off Moss Wreath ~ A gold leaf letters from Hobby Lobby with reindeer moss glued onto it.

Twig Wreaths

Twig Wreaths

57.  DIY Twig and Rosette Wreath ~ The sunburst shape of this wreath is fantastic!  And, you won’t need any special supplies to make it.  Collect twigs from the yard, cardboard for the wreath form and fabric scraps for the rosettes.

Fall Monogram Twig Wreath

58.  Fall Monogram Twig Wreath ~ Take an inexpensive grapevine wreath and embellish burlap rosette flowers made using torn scrap strips, miniature pumpkins and a glue gun.  Personalize it with a letter monogram.

Cork Wreath

Cork Wreath

59.  Wine Cork Wreath {how-to} ~ Use up some wine corks by making a wreath.  Simply add the corks to a styrofoam wreath form using toothpicks.  Add flowers or do-dads to change the wreath for the season. {sorry ladies, it appears that this blog is no longer online.}

Pencil and Cork Wreath Tutorial

60. Pencil and Cork Wreath Tutorial ~ I LOVE this pencil wreath as it would be perfect for back-to-school decor or a teacher appreciation gift.

How to make mesh wreath

Mesh wreath

61.   How to make mesh wreath ~ Using an old wire hanger and yards of decorative mesh this adorable mesh wreath was made.  Here’s a pictured tutorial on how to make one too.

62.  Christmas Mesh Wreath ~ How to make a mesh wreath using embellishments and ornaments.

How to Make a Halloween Wreath

63.  How to Make a Halloween Wreath using the EZ Wreath Form ~ Lay the EZ wreath on a flat surface and unroll your mesh netting. Start with about 3-4″ of netting and place between the two short wires. Twist the wires to hold the mesh netting securely.

Heart Wreath

Heart Wreath

64.  Ruffled Heart Wreath Tutorial ~ This wreath is so easy to make but can be a bit time consuming. My hubby was recently out-of-town on business. So, over a couple of evenings I was able to watch some chick flicks and put together this wreath.

65.  Fabric Flower Wreath ~ This tutorial will guide you through the steps to make a Fabric Flower Valentine Wreath.  Beginner sewing skills are required.

66.  Solid Felt Heart Tutorial ~ How to create an adorable solid felt heart wreath using 2-3 sheets of wool cut into circles and a styrofoam heart.

67.  Repurposed Heart Wreath ~ Use some extra cardboard to repurpose old t-shirts into an adorable heart wreath.

How to Make A Burlap Heart Wreath

68.  Burlap Heart Wreath ~ A tutorial on how to make this burlap bubble wreath base which can be used year-round with removable red burlap heart.

Halloween Wreath

Halloween Wreath

69.  DIY Dollar Store Halloween Wreath ~ Get into the spirit of the season with this easy and inexpensive spooky spider wreath! The best part? It only costs $3 to make it. Boo-ya!

Striped Halloween Wreath

70.  Striped Halloween Wreath ~ Use traditional black and white Halloween colors for a modern wreath.  Add some glitter balls to create a wreath that will stand out above the rest.

Make a Tulle Halloween Wreath {how to}

71.  Make a Tulle Halloween Wreath {how to} ~ This wreath is a great way to decorate your door for the month of October! If you can make a cut and use a hot glue gun then you can make this festive wreath. You could make one for every holiday by just switching the tulle color!

Feather Halloween Wreath

72.  Feather Halloween Wreath ~ How to make a wreath Craft that is useful, spooky, and festive is easy as 1-2-3 with this DIY Halloween Wreath tutorial! Get into the spirit of Halloween with this festive Halloween wreath!

Halloween Mummy Wreath

73.  Halloween Mummy Wreath ~ Mummify a straw wreath form with gauze or muslin for a spook-tacular wreath this Halloween! Comes together easily and it doesn’t cost a lot ot make.

Pinecone Monster Wreath Tutorial

74.  Pinecone Monster Wreath Tutorial ~ Do you have an old pinecone wreath you might want to update?  How about spray painting it green and making it into a cute monster wreath?!

Pine Cone Wreath

Pine Cone Wreath

75.  Dipped Pine Cone Wreath ~ A traditional pine cone wreath gets a modern update with paint dipped pinecones.  It’s simply beautiful!

How to Make Thanksgiving Wreaths

Thanksgiving Wreath

76.  Nightfall Paper Wreath Tutorial ~ This simple paper origami leaf folding technique is perfect for creating a lovely fall home decoration that will last through Thanksgiving!

77.  Free Printable Thanksgiving Wreath Sign  ~ Head on over for a super quick flower tutorial as well as a FREE door sign printable.  Both will help transform a plain wreath into the perfect Thanksgiving door decoration.

78.  Paper Cone Gratitude Wreath ~ Don’t let holiday to-dos overshadow the true spirit of Thanksgiving. Learn how to create this adorable Paper Cone Wreath paper decoration perfect as fall decor in your house or as a welcome gift.

79.  Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath ~ This cute yarn turkey sits upon a burlap wreath to decorate your guest for Thanksgiving dinner.

Make Christmas Wreath

Make Christmas Wreath

80.  Vintage Style Winter Wonderland Wreath ~ Celebrate Christmas in style with this adorable yarn wrapped wreath.  All you need is a Straw or Styrofoam wreath. Yarn. Felt. Ornaments, and a Hot Glue Gun.

DIY Snowy Wreath Tutorial

81.  DIY Snowy Wreath Tutorial ~ A step by step guide to making a lush snowy wreath.  This wreath is so classic, it could be used year round, just change out the miniature trees!

Fluffy Village Christmas Wreath

82.  Fluffy Village Christmas Wreath ~ Create a beautiful Christmas feather wreath!  You can make it as simple as 1-2-3.  All you need is dollar store static dusters, miniature Christmas trees and a village house.

DIY Christmas "Joy" Wreath

83.  DIY Christmas “Joy” Wreath ~ Who says that wreaths have to be round?  Six Sisters’ Stuff shows you how to make a star-shaped wreath using wood, stain and dollar letters from Hobby Lobby.

Pine Cone & Twig Christmas Wreath

84.  Pine Cone & Twig Christmas Wreath ~ Take an inexpensive grapevine wreath and embellish with twigs and pine cones.  Spray it with white spray paint for a flocked lock.

DIY Holly Wreath

Holly Wreaths

85.  DIY Holly Wreath ~ A step by step guide to making a lush holly wreath.  This wreath is so classic, it could be used year round!

Baby Shower Diaper Wreath

Baby Shower Diaper Wreath

86.  Baby Girl Pennant Wreath Tutorial ~ This beautiful burlap and pennant wreath will definitely make you say ahhh!  It is so precious with the soft colors, ribbon and rosettes.  The pennant announces “baby girl”.

How to make diaper wreath

87.  How to Make Diaper Wreath ~ This 20 minute diaper wreath makes a cute shower gift that can easily be hung on a wall as a nursery decoration too.

88.  Purple Bottle Diaper Wreath ~ A beautiful diaper wreath is a unique, easy to make giftthat can serve as a decoration until it’s used by the mom-to-be. It requires fewer diapers than a diaper cake and takes up less room because it can be hung on a wall or door.

89.  How to make baby wreaths ~ Attach diapers and other baby items to a coat hanger to make a baby wreath. Unique gift for an expectant mother.

How To Make A Candy Wreath

How To Make A Candy Wreath

90.  Gumdrop Candy Wreath Tutorial ~ How to go about making a gumdrop wreath, and everything involved breaking toothpicks in half, skewering the gumdrops on the end, and jabbing it into the wreath form.

91.  Peeps Wreath Making ~ A simple tutorial on how to make an Easter Wreath out of marshmallow Peeps.

92.  Candy Corn Wreath ~ How to make a candy wreath out of candy corn, styrofoam circle, black ribbon, and a glue gun.

93.  Peppermint Candy Wreath ~ If you have bags of peppermint candies left over from a class party or decorating gingerbread houses, you can put them to good work with this easy step by step tutorial to create a festive peppermint wreath.

Peppermint Monogram Wreath

94.  Peppermint Monogram Wreath ~ Peppermint candies always appear in great supply at every store around Christmas time.  Most often we use them for decorating gingerbread houses, but you can can also use them to create a beautiful red and white Christmas wreath.

Candy Wreath Making

95.  How to Make a Sugar Dragees  Wreath ~ This is a wreath made of sugar dragees. All you’ll need to make this wreath is a styrofoam wreath, hot glue gun, and 3 large bags of dragees.

96.  Lima Bean Wreath ~ This adorable wreath is made from lima beans! Click on the link to see how she did it.

96 beautiful wreaths to make

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