Best Makeup Hacks For New Years Eve


You don’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror to get amazing makeup perfect for a night out on New Year’s Eve.   These BEST MAKEUP HACKS FOR NEW YEARS EVE are amazing tips from the experts that are sure to give your face that extra oomph you are looking for to ring in the New Year.

I LOVE that these are easy and make such a difference!


makeup hacks for new years eve

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Intensify Your Eye Shadow Color

There’s no better time than New Year’s Eve to make a statement with your eye shadow.  To intensify your eye shadow color,  line your lid with white eyeshadow first.  This makes your eye shadow more appear more vibrant.




Brighten Your Eyes

And speaking of the power of white…..applying white liner around your eyes with brightening your entire face.  It’ll also camouflage under-eye circles!  It’s pretty much a miracle worker.





Make Your Lashes Look Fuller

These are actually my favorite tips.  You can make them look fuller with two tricks.

The first trick is all about how you apply your mascara.  If you sweep your mascara wand towards your nose instead of upwards you’ll create a look that makes your lashes look fuller and your eyes bigger?

The second trick involves a little powder!  Instead of spending money on special thickening fiber mascaras, make your lashes look fuller with translucent powder!  Simply dust some translucent powder on your lashes with a brush in between mascara coats.  I’ve even used baby powder.  It totally works as well.





Set Your Lipstick!

Make your lipstick long-lasting by setting it with powder.  Pick the perfect eye-popping shade for the night (red, anyone?) and apply like you normally would.  Then, lay a tissue across your lips and dust translucent powder over the tissue on your lips. This sets the color, making it last longer.  Perfect.




matte lipstick

Other Fun Tips:

Toilet Seat Covers Make great oil blotters.  They are made from similar paper as blotting paper so if you need a quick oil check on New Year’s Eve, and you can’t find your blotting paper, grab, and toilet seat cover.

If you want your glossy lipstick to look matte, apply some concealer to your lips before your lipstick.  The concealer will matte-i-fy your glossy lipstick.




What’s your favorite makeup tip?




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