Valentines’s Day Food Ideas For Kids


Make this Valentine’s Day memorable by preparing kids a full day of food from the heart! Here are VALENTINE’S DAY FOOD IDEAS FOR KIDS that will make them feel sweet, that they will remember, and best of all, that they’ll enjoy.

Valentine’s Day is a great day to show your little ones how special they are with meals and treats that are a little out of the ordinary (think hearts) but are definitely made with love. Make this Valentine’s Day memorable by preparing for them a full day of food from the heart! Here are VALENTINE’S DAY FOOD IDEAS FOR KIDS that will make them feel sweet, that they will remember, and best of all, that they’ll enjoy.


Valentines day food ideas

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We’ve never met a child yet that doesn’t love waffles. Waffles are super easy to make if you have a waffle iron, of course. Splurge a little this Valentine’s Day and purchase a heart-shaped waffle iron.

Your kids will love getting served heart-shaped waffles and you can use the waffle iron year round! Provide fresh fruit that they can sprinkle on top of their waffle. They’ll love the color and you’ll love that they are getting some fruit in their breakfast.







Most grocery stores sell uncooked pizza dough that just needs to be rolled out and baked if you are short on time. If not, make your own homemade crust. Roll it out into the shape of a heart and then top with your child’s favorite pizza toppings. Individual homemade pizzas are always a hit in our house! We love to use a pizza stone for a more even and crispy pizza.






Smoothies make a fabulous after-school snack. Pack their Valentine’s Day smoothie with strawberries to ensure that the smoothie turns out pink. Serve the smoothie with paper straws in a Valentine theme because drinking out of straws makes everything taste better!




pretzel sticks


Let your kiddos help make chocolate-dipped pretzels. They can even help melt the chocolate in the microwave. We like using Wilton candy melts because they come in all different colors and melt beautifully into creamy chocolate. Once the chocolate is melted and the pretzels are dipped, add some Valentine’s sprinkles, like these by Wilton.






Kids love, love, love cupcakes. The more frosting, the better. Consider using chocolate pieces or heart-shaped gummy candies on the cupcake as well as sprinkles when making their special Valentine cupcake! A cupcake is a perfect treat to enjoy after dinner!




sugar cookies


Find time to make sugar cookies with your kids. Allow them to roll out the cookies (we love using a silicone rolling pin), cut them with heart-shaped cookie cutters, and frost with homemade frosting and sprinkles. Enjoy a sample and then give it to friends and neighbors. Sharing is caring, right?



What are your favorite Valentine’s treats?



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