25 Free Mandala Coloring Pages [printable]


Mandala coloring pages are not just for children they’re for adults too! Not only are they fun, but they’re a great way to de-stress and relax. Oh so much to do and so little printer ink. {snicker}

How to make a mandala with these ideas which include free printable mandalas, how to draw a mandala, mandala templates, mandala games and so much more!


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1 What is a Mandala

A mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the universe. In common use, “mandala” has become a generic term for any diagram, chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically; a microcosm of the universe. ~ Wikipedia

Make a beautiful mandala from an old cd from 5-Minute Crafts. So pretty!

Mandala Coloring Book

2 Mandala Coloring Book

Art is Fun shares her free printable mandalas to color. There are 2 designs to choose from. Card stock works best if you’re planning on using watercolors.

Are you looking for a mandala coloring book? Color Mandala has dozens and dozens of free designs to print. Simply print them to make your own coloring book. For free, of course!

Mandalas can be fun for kids and adults of all ages.  These geometric shapes are beautiful and the same picture can turn out completely different depending on who colors it.  Print out a mandala coloring page from Milliande de for each person in your family and see what everyone comes up with.  Choose from 5 different designs.

Mandala Coloring Pages

3 Mandala Coloring Pages

Free online mandalas to color in motivational prints from Dawn Nicole Designs. There are three to choose from; You Seriously Rock, Dream on, Dreamer, and I can & I will.

Hattifant shares her kaleidocycle mandala coloring games using hexagon-shaped paper figures that can swirl and make new shapes. So fun. 

Coloring pictures is fun for kids, but it can also be really relaxing for adults too.  If you want something creative and fun to untangle your mind, instead of sitting down with one of your kids Barbie coloring books, try coloring these beautiful printable mandala designs from Mama Miss.

Mandala Maker

4 Mandala Maker

Mandala Creator is a free online website where you can create a mandala. After you’ve designed one you can save it or share on social media. Very cool!

Create and design mandalas on your iPhone, iPad or Android device with this free Drawerings app.

Learn how to draw a mandala from this free drawing lesson from Art is Fun. It looks complicated, but by following the step by step instructions you’ll find it easy.

Step by step instructions on how to draw a mandala from Boho Berry.  Some supplies you’ll need are a compass, protractor and straight edge ruler.

Try using a stencil and a circle grid to make an intricate mandala from Create Mixed Media.

Wondering how to draw a mandala? Craftsy has a step by step tutorial to learn how to draw the intricate details of a mandala. Perfect for beginners.

Using 5 basic shapes you can learn to make a mandala from eHow. Use plates of different sizes to get your circle template started.

Mandala Designs

5 Mandala Designs

Art is Basic shows us her techniques on how to make a basic flower mandala using watercolors. It’s simply gorgeous!

I just love this heart mandala from Hello Angel. Perfect for loved one’s

How adorable is this animal mandala from Hattifant? The free turtle file comes in 3 different sizes to print and color.

Beautiful free hand-drawn vector mandala designs from Freepik that you can use on clothing, flyers and boards. A great way to enhance your crafts.

Watch how this intricate sand mandala is made over a course of 8 days in just one minute on Bored Panda Art. It’s absolutely incredible!

Mandala Therapy Printables for Patients

6 Mandala Therapy Printables for Patients

Wondering what the mandala symbols are and their meanings? Mala Kamala gives the spiritual and meditative meanings of the mandala.

Tons of blank mandala templates to design and make your own from Tangle Harmony.

Mandala Meaning

7 Mandala Meaning

Colorful dots are painted on rocks to make beautiful mandala patterns from Colorful Crafts. A fine tip brush works best for this technique.

From the old days, mandalas were considered to be basic symbols of concentration and meditation. Mandala Vaga says that with the help of mandalas you can find your purpose in life.

Circle or discoid objects that represent the universe is what Ancient History Encyclopedia describes the meaning of mandala art.

Asia Eduction says that sand mandalas are a Tibetan Buddhist tradition that involves the creation and destruction of mandalas from colored sand.

25 Free Mandala Coloring Pages [printable]

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Free Mandala Coloring Pages

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