How To Bookmark Your Favorite Tutorials


The all new Tip Junkie Creative Community has so much functionality that I don’t want you to miss out on any of the fabulous things that it does.  {Of course it’s free. HA!}  So, over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing tips to help you maximize your experience on the site.

Tip Junkie Creative Community

Beginning with, Perk #1:

The Tip Junkie Creative Community is a bookmarking site!  Once you are logging in, click on any image on to “Favorite It” and voila!  It will automatically be filed away into your profile page.  That way you’ll never forget about the tutorials or tips that you want to go back to.

How To Favorite on TJCC

How To Bookmark Your Favorites

Use the Tip Junkie Creative Community {TJCC} as your own online craft room!  I’ll catalog and file away all of our favorite tutorials so that you can easily find them later.  You’ll be able to pull them up anywhere you are in the world online or from your smart phone.

You can also look for the NEW green Tip Junkie heart blog post button.  Since Tip Junkie is now social, you’ll be able to click on the TJ Heart anywhere it  is online and it will automatically favorite that tutorial into YOUR online craft room {which is your TJCC profile}.Favorite any image on

How great is that?

TJCC is Coming Soon!

More Tips on how to use the Tip Junkie Creative Community {TJCC} will be coming soon, so be on the look out!

Please Note:  While we iron out all the kinks in the TJCC, the membership will be invite only, but once we’ve made sure the functionality works for all of you, you’ll be able to join, play around and enjoy.   Did I mention that it’s FREE?

** You will want to make sure you get your Invite!  So be sure you’re signed up to the Tip Junkie daily update!  It’s one e-mail with everything that’s new on all the Tip Junkie sites so you won’t miss a thing.


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  1. Well you have the 12 days of Christmas… Anyhow i am thinking of doing something SUPER NEAT!! & DIFFERENT for VALENTINES DAY and FOR MY HONEY!!! I want to do the “12 DAYS OF VALENTINES DAY!” in doing that since VALENTINES DAY IS FEB 14TH what day would i start it on to end on the 14th of FEBRUARY? and I ALSO NEED HELP thinking up sweet, cute, memorable verses and sayings and ideas on what to include. Discuss pls.

    I am looking for sweet cute poems, sayings to attach and include every day for my “12 days of valentines day” that would match cute, sweet and fun valentines gifts etc. for my 12 days of valentines day! hope this makes sense. Any help is appreciated.

  2. What a GREAT idea. It’s so nerve racking to try and remember what website a certain craft was on . . . can hardly wait for all the updates. Thanks for making crafting so much easier!

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