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15 MLK Art Projects Kids Can Do!


How to make fun MLK Art Projects Elementary activities, crafts, and speeches this MLK Day.  These easy Martin Luther King Jr. Activities for Elementary Students include layered media, window art, handprint art, door decorations, a fingerprint dove, inspirational portraits, splatter paint art, and more.

Here are easy MLK Art Projects activities with lots of pictures so you can make them at home or at school if you are a teacher as fun activities for kids, preschool, or even a play date.

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15 MLK Art Projects Kids Can Do!

When is MLK Day?

When is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, or MLK Day?  MLK’ Day in 2017 is on Monday, the 16th of January.  In the United States, MLK Day is always celebrated on the third Monday of January.

*  2017 on Monday, January 16
*  2018 on Monday, January 15
*  2019 on Monday, January 21

MLK Art Projects Elementary

MLK sketch and write

1. MLK Sketch and Write ~ Check out this tutorial for a complete idea on teaching about MLK including watching a video, discussing and then breaking down the sketching and drawing and then writing. Such a wonderful art project!

fingerprint peace dove

2. Fingerprint Peace Dove ~ Use fingerprints to frame the dove (a symbol of peace) to make a beautiful piece of art to commemorate MLK day!

diversity portraits

3. Inspirational Art Portraits ~ Introduce kids to color mixing and basics of self portrait making with painting and collage while teaching about diversity.

MLK window art

4. Martin Luther King Jr. Window Art ~ You need a few supplies to make this project, and your kids need to be about elementary ages, but this project is AMAZING.

Martin Luther King Jr

5. MLK Art Project Idea ~ A silhouette of MLK with words that mean something to the child about him make this art project unique and meaningful!

martin luther king template

6. Martin Luther King Template ~ Use this template to help you to draw or scale up a MLK portrait or make pop art!

Martin Luther King Day Activities Elementary

MLK Inspired art project

7. MLK Inspired Art Project ~ This MLK inspired art project used tempura paint and cut out hand prints to symbolizing all of human kind striving for love and peace.

watercolor peace doves project

8. Peace Doves Watercolor Project for Kids ~ Easier to make than you’d think, these peace doves are the perfect art project for MLK day!

MLK Handprint

9. M is for Martin Luther King ~ Perfect for preschool aged children, this free printable has a poem that can be read to children and then they can paint the handprint.

inspiration art for kids

10. Splatter Paint Art Project for Kids ~ Use this idea for making inspiration art for kids for making an MLK art project filled with inspiration words that mean something to the child and remind them of MLK and what he stood for!

hand art project

11. Hand Art Idea ~ Allow kids to “leave their mark” just like MLK with this hand art project!

I Have a Dream Speech for Elementary Students

I have a dream art project

12. I Have a Dream Art Project ~ Several types of media layered together make this personal art project powerful, beautiful and perfect for an “I Have a Dream Art Project” that your child or student can keep for years to come!


13. Martin Luther King Jr. Activity ~ Here’s a fun MLK craft with room to write down dreams about making the world a better place.

I have a dream unit

14. I Have a Dream Unit ~ Whether you are a teacher or just a parent wanting to teach about MLK Day, these printables and example of how to put them together to form an art project are fabulous.

I have a dream classroom door

15. Diverse Hands Door Decoration ~ This “I Have a Dream” door decoration made up of “diverse hands” is a great way to illustrate diversity and decorate for the holiday.

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MLK Art Projects
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