9 Mud Kitchens Kids Will Love

Toy stores might be chalked full of expensive fancy toys but even these days none of them can replace fun outdoor activities such as mud kitchens. As the weather gets warmer, your little ones will want to spend more time outside and if you’ve been thinking about making them a mud kitchen, we have some brilliant, thrifty ideas for you!

Mud Kitchen

9 Mud Kitchens Kids Will Love

The women I’m featuring today have mad crafting skillz! You won’t believe the cool stuff they’ve made.

9. Mud Kitchen Activity With Outdated Pantry Supplies

Happy Hooligansby @happyhooligansblog

Don’t throw away those old pantry†supplies, those are the key items for this basic but super fun mud kitchen activity. If you have some pasta, oatmeal or other dry foods past their expiration date, your kids will enjoy making some weird concoctions in their mud kitchen for hours.

Get tutorial here: Mud Kitchen Activity With Outdated Pantry Supplies

Pallet Mud Kitchen

Old pallets are one of the best supplies for making a mud kitchen. Not to mention that they’re free! Here are some simple kitchens that you can make by stacking the pallets to more advanced kitchens.

8. DIY Pallet Mud Kitchen

Grillo Designsby @grillodesigns

A mud kitchen shouldn’t be an expensive project and pallets will do the job nicely. This detailed tutorial details the entire project step by step and since it’s nothing fancy, anyone can do it in just a few hours!

Get tutorial here: DIY Pallet Mud Kitchen

DIY Mud Kitchen, Pallet Project

by @thepoultrypeople

How to build an ultimate mud kitchen from a pallet. Kids are going to love this!

7. Mud Pie Kitchen Preschool Activity

My Merry Messy Lifeby @mymerrymessylife

A few pots, trays, and pans, and a lot of dirt is all you need for your kids to show off their mud-cooking skills in your backyard. Just make sure they’re not wearing anything fancy……there are certain risks when playing with mud.

Get tutorial here: Mud Pie Kitchen Preschool Activity

6. Backyard Mud Kitchen

The Magic Onionsby @MagicOnions

If you don’t have some old kitchen pots, pans, and cooking utensils, you can always buy a few for cheap from places such as Goodwill. Top that with a bucket of dirt and your little ones will take it from there!

Get tutorial here: Backyard Mud Kitchen

Play Garden

Encourage your child’s imagination with these fun play garden ideas. What child doesn’t love to get messy?! Here are some simple ideas to make your own.

5. DIY Outdoor Mud Kitchen

Rhythms of Playby @rhythmsofplay

If you have an old countertop you’re not quite sure what to do with you can make a mud kitchen out of it. All you need to do is build a base for it with 2×4’s and add some household items that you can spare.

Get tutorial here: DIY Outdoor Mud Kitchen

4. Outdoor Mud Kitchen For Kids

Messy Little Monsterby @messylittlemonster

This outdoor mud kitchen doesn’t strive for perfection – its goal is to provide some messy fun to the kids using items you already have on hand. And if you have some dying flowers in the house, give them to your children, they’re going to love making some new mud recipes using them!

Get tutorial here: Outdoor Mud Kitchen For Kids

3. DIY Mud Kitchen In One Weekend

Hand on as we Growby @handsonaswegrow

A brilliant and simple one-weekend project that allows you to build your own mud kitchen using wood, pallets and some pavers. A few more items are involved so be sure to check the tutorial to get all the details. Your kids will flip out when they see the finished mud kitchen!

Get tutorial here: DIY Mud Kitchen In One Weekend

Mud Kitchen Activities

2. Mud Kitchen Ikea Hack

Ikea Hackersby @IkeaHackers

You can use Ikea items for just about anything, including mud kitchens. This project requires two Trofast boxes and optionally a Pax shelf. The results are absolutely amazing and the little ones will instantly love their new mud kitchen.

Get tutorial here: Mud Kitchen Ikea Hack

1. Playful Mud Pie Kitchen

Wunder Momby @WunderMomdotcom

One dripping mud pie comin’ right up! A gourmet play kitchen and some Dollar Store items make this super cute outdoor mud pie kitchen that looks like the real deal.

Get tutorial here: Playful Mud Pie Kitchen

Mud Kitchens

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