New! Mom-preneur Blog & Etsy Guide

Introducing my new eBook:
The Mom-preneur Blog & Etsy Guide

Only $19.95

It’s an eBook and ready for immediate download! The goal of the Mom-preneur Blog & Etsy Guide is to give you another perspective on how to sell handmade products online through your blog, website, Facebook, and Etsy shop.

Simply put, it is full of effective advice to help you brainstorm ways you can ask for money. Including, useful strategies on how to set your blog up to sell your products and services, give you some Etsy advice, as well as several marketing strategies. My goal is to help facilitate your naturally creative brain to find ways you can effectively sell online.

  • Do you want to know how to set your blog up for selling success?
  • Would you like to know others’ best selling tips and strategies?
  • Would you like to know how to market a new product and make sales immediately after announcing it?

It is easy to read, has a lot of real-world strategies, and encouraging words from fellow women in business. We as women are expected to juggle a LOT. Therefore this Mom-preneur guide also covers more than just sales.

What else does the Mom-preneur Guide Cover?

  • Tools to Stay Organized
  • Advice on Balancing Work and Family
  • Tips on Photographing Your Products
  • Creative Marketing Ideas

I am constantly inspired by other women and their unique ways of promoting themselves online. Therefore, I have gathered advice from 80 Mom-preneurs who are successful at making money online.
Tip Junkie Mompreneur eBook

Bonus Gifts!

Included with your purchase are 3 bonus gifts! There are three comprehensive {and printable check lists} that will not only save you time; but also make your new product launches and giveaways more effective! You will receive:

  1. Giveaway Check List – When another blogger hosts a giveaway one of your products or services.
  2. How to Promote a Giveaway – A check list on how to drive traffic to a giveaway.
  3. New Product Check List – How to drive traffic to a new product you just uploaded.

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Get your printable copy of the e-Book
Mom-preneur Blog & Etsy Guide
only $19.95

Discount Code:

Discount Code: Save $5 using the code TJROCKS, it’s my way of saying thank you for supporting these 80 amazing women who graciously share their expertise with us.

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Do you want to know what are people saying about the Mom-preneur Blog & Etsy Guide?

  • Kelleigh Ratzlaff wrote an awesome review, “I Love Etsy & Mom-preneurs“.
  • Kari with U Create, “What a valuable resource you are offering readers and IÂ’d be happy to endorse it!”


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  1. What a great idea and couldn’t come at a more perfect time in my life.. How many pages is it?

  2. It’s 35 pages – a full of incredible information. Even though it’s a bit long, it’s a quick read and you can print it out in black & white on draft. It’ prints in 45 seconds that way.

  3. I just got the sweetest e-mail from a subscriber who is completely confused about my new eBook is and why she should buy it.

    “If I STRAIN my brain to figure this out (since I’m not a savy new “preneur”) the guide is for “Etsy”? I don’t know what that is. If you want to sell something it seems it (a book?) might be better explained.”

    She is absolutely right, I should have better explained what the eBook is about about. If you do not know what a blog or Etsy is – then this book is NOT for you. {{wink}}

    The Mom-preneur Blog & Etsy Guide is an intermediate level ebook for those who already have a blog and would like to sell more products online. You don’t have to have an account – I just got so much information about it that I included that informative information as well.

    It’s basically a listing of ideas from fellow women in business and what they do to succeed in selling their products online. If completely full of great ideas, advice, and check lists, to make things easier! We juggle so much as it is this is to help organize those ideas into one place.

    It’s just a guide to help. It’s not for every Tip Junkie reader and I won’t be offended if you don’t buy it. 🙂 I get at least 10 e-mails a week from readers wondering how to sell their handmade products online. This is just me trying to do my part to give you useful information and an easy way to read it.


  4. How awesome!

    I do not have an etsy shop, but I do giveaways on my blog. If you ever offer the giveaway sections seperatly let me know.

    Awesome work!

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