13 Olympics Symbol Food for Kids {recipe how to’s}


How to make Olympics symbol party food like Olympic circles, rings, flame and torch, flags and even Olympic medals that are all edible and fun to eat!

These Olympics symbol crafty food recipes that are perfect for a summer Olympic themed party, while watching the summer games, or just for a fun play date.

Olympic Circle Food {recipe how to}

Olympic Circles

1.  Olympic Circle Food {recipe how to} ~ All you need to make your own Olympic Ring snacks are some mini bagels, cream cheese, and writing frosting in the ring colors.  It really was as easy as it sounds and the kids LOVED it.

How to make Olympic ring bagels
2.  How to make Olympic Circles bagels ~ How to make a healthy treat of Olympic circle bagels with fruit on top!

Olympic Rings Pizza Recipe

Olympics Rings

3.  Olympic Rings Pizza Recipe ~ The symbolic five rings – made from pepperoni – decorate the yummy homemade pizza.

Olympic Rings Fruit Pizza Recipe

4.  Olympic Rings Fruit Pizza Recipe ~ Ring in the Olympics with this festive fruit pizza from out Test Kitchen. A chocolate cookie crust is topped with cream cheese frosting and colorful fruit.

Olympic Games Menu and Champion Chocolate Cake

Olympic Rings Flag

5.  Olympic Games Menu and Champion Chocolate Cake ~ These Olympic-themed dishes are sure to take the gold that include a vegetable dip, pizza, and cake.

Ice Cream Cone Olympic Torch

Olympic Torch

6.  Ice Cream Cone Olympic Torch ~ With sugar cones filled with orange sherbet flames, it’s the perfect treat to get us off on the right foot!

Edible Olympic Torches

7.  Edible Olympic Torches ~ An easy treat made with ice cream cones and popcorn.

Olympic Flame Cupcakes and Olympic Ring Cake

Olympic Flame

8.  Olympic Flame Cupcakes ~ This isn’t a recipe or a tutorial but I just couldn’t resist showing you these amazing flame cupcakes and cake.  Here’s a close up view of the Olympic Flame Cupcakes.

Here’s a recipe how to make an Olympic Flame ice cream cone cupcake.

Olympic Torch Cupcakes {recipe how to}

9.  Olympic Torch Cupcakes {recipe how to} ~ Torch cupcakes baked in gold foil cases with butter-cream icing combined with 3 colors to create the flame look.

Olympic Medal Cookies

Olympic Medals

10.  Olympic Medal Cookies ~ Go for the gold with these Olympic medal cookies!

Gold Medal Cookies Recipe

11.   Gold Medal Cookies Recipe ~ A basic gingerbread cookie with a ribbon in the shape of a medal.  They’d be great for a celebration tea party, perhaps you could make one for the ‘World’s No 1 Dad’ for Father’s Day, or just to mark an achievement or milestone.

Olympic Party Food

12.  Olympic Party Food ~ Lots of goodies for the kids to munch on.  Bowls of trail mix, pretzels, and goldfish were Gold Medal Goodies.  Ice cream cones with popcorn were Competitors Crunch.  I made little labels for the water bottles also.

Olympic Ring Flag Lunch

13.  Olympic Ring Flag Lunch ~ An adorable Flag shaped sandwich with the Olympic rings made  with M&M’s.

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