16 DIY Olympic Crafts and Family Fun


I realize that this post would have been more useful earlier but my kiddos are seriously into the winter Olympics!  Therefore, I thought that your family might be as well.  If you are looking for some DIY winter Olympic crafts and family fun ideas; you’ve officially hit the mother-load.

I hope you enjoy these fun tutorials!

1.  How to make Olympic Mascot cookies
2.  Gold Medal Cookie & Olympic torch tutorial
3.  Print and fold mascots
4.  Olympic themed ice skates craft

5.  Make your own Olympic ice rink tutorial
6.  Olympic Birthday Party ideas
7.  Pocket felt gold metal tutorial
8.  Olympic party food – use a map and circle food

Olympic craft ideas for Toddlers

9.  Paper plate Olympic rings
10. Tissue paper Olympic Flag
11. Toilet Paper Roll Olympic ring craft
12.  Host an Olympic play date

Olympic Food Recipes

13.  Olympic Rings Cookies from Cakespy
14. Olympic party themed food
15. Nanaimo Bars – an Olympic treat
16.  Olympic Lunch Bunch

I’ll continue with home decor tutorials tomorrow. I’m still looking for tween, teen, craft rooms, laundry rooms, and boy room ideas.  If you have one, submit it so I can feature you!

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
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Party Ideas


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  1. We try to study a different country every night during the Olympics. This is my 2nd Olympics blogging about it. I’ve got two kiddos in school this time around so we aren’t able to do as much in depth study of each country, but we cook a meal from the country we’ve talked about each night. It’s great as the kids are excited to help prepare the meals and try new foods!


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