9 Paper Mache Projects Perfect for Fall


How to make Fall paper mache crafts that are beautiful.  These step-by-step how to make paper mache ideas include paper mache mask, paper mache animals and even paper mache bowls. Paper crafting is so in right now, and for good reason! It’s fun, engaging and fabulous. Why not make a paper mache craft today?

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Tip Junkie has 69 paper crafts all with pictured tutorials to learn how to make.  You can always search there if you’’re looking for more  Paper Crafting patterns with step-by-step instructions including paper mache. {wink}

Paper Mache Pumpkin

Fall Paper Mache

1.  Paper Mache Pumpkin ~ This large Fall pumpkin is made from paper mache and is quick, fun and inexpensive to make! It would be a great centerpiece for your Halloween party or front door decorations.

Outdoor Stacked Paper Mache Pumpkins

2.  Stacked Paper Mache Pumpkins ~ A diy pumpkin topiary is beautiful for a fall centerpiece or even in a planter for the front door. Follow this step by step tutorial to make your own.

Paper Mache Animals

Paper Mache Animals

3.  DIY Paper Mache Fox ~ Make your own Anthropologie inspired wall mounted animal head with this step by step tutorial.

How to Make an Owl

4.  How to Make an Owl ~ Make some new Fall decor for your home this season with this simple paper mache owl tutorial.  You’ll need balloons, tape and newspaper to shape your owl.

Paper Mache Mask

Paper Mache Mask

5.  Goldilocks Paper Mache Masks ~ Create a family-themed Goldilocks and the Three Bears Halloween costume with this wonderful paper mache mask tutorial.  A balloon and cardboard was used to form the mask.

paper mache vase

Paper Mache Ideas

6.  DIY Paper Mache Vase ~ If you’re looking for a cool way to display flowers or gift them, this tutorial will show you how to turn cardboard and paper mache into a gorgeous vase.

Paper Mache Bowls

7.  Paper Mache Bowls ~ A simple flour and water mixture is used to make paper mache.  Use a thin plastic bowl for your mold and strips of newspaper to dip in the mixture.

Paper Mache Recipe

Paper Mache Recipe

8.  Paper Mache Recipe ~ A quick and easy way to make your own paper mache with only 3 ingredients, flour, water and salt.  Easy peasy!

How to Make Paper Mache

How to Make Paper Mache

9.  How to Make Paper Clay ~ Sculpt a masterpiece with this simple paper clay recipe you can make at home.


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