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Do you have a emergency plan for your pets?  For many people, pets are an integral member of the family; however, when disaster strikes pets are often left out of the emergency preparedness plan.

As you design your plan, here are a few steps to keep in mind to make sure your beloved pets are taken care of:

1.  Create a pet survival kit along with your emergency preparedness kit can include:

  • Pet food
  • Vet records
  • Can opener
  • Cat litter/pans (if applicable)
  • Medications (if applicable)

2.  Keep your pet’s identification tags up to date and securely fastened to their collar. In case you are separated, your pet’s locator will know exactly whom to contact

3.  Make sure to choose an alternate location within your emergency preparedness plan that allows pets.  Keep in mind that many emergency shelters are unable to accept pets due to public health reasons

If youÂ’re ever concerned about including your pet in your emergency preparedness plan and need advice, contact your local animal shelter or animal control office.

For more information
please visit and download the preparedness guide:
Prepare Yourself Now for Peace of Mind Later

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  1. Thanks for a timely reminder. We deal with hurricanes here and it’s important to consider pets in our emergency plans.

  2. Didn’t think about this. It definitely falls lower on the priority list thought (behind family). Still, it’s always nice to be prepared!

  3. A lot of people also now microchip their pets, so it’s important to have the microchip number in your supplies.
    Thanks for a great post, and a reminder about our pets!

  4. Great post! To be honest, we didn’t really think about this when preparing our emergency supplies. We frequently run out of dog food and have to run out to the store because we didn’t realize we were running out soon. I’ll definitely have to change all of that, especially since we live in hurricane country.

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