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Wondering what printable activities you can quickly print out to keep the kids busy on a cold winter day?  There’s no more wondering what to do in inside!  Here are several free printable pages and activity sheets to keep your children occupied indoors.

These 35 free printable activities for kids include games, family activities, reward ideas, educational games, flashcards, puzzles, coloring pages, bingo games, word searches and more!

Printable Activities

1.  Printable Service Jar Slips ~ These sweet printable service jar slips are the perfect way to give your kiddos a way to contribute without feeling like Mrs. McNaggyPants. A kiddo picks a slip and does a good deed. Once the jar is empty, the whole family celebrates with a reward. (We like ice cream, but maybe you like movies…feel free to make it your own.)

2.  Winter Bucket List ~ This fun winter bucket list will look cute framed on your desk and will be handy when planning some winter family fun for your brood.  The activities will keep everyone in good spirits when it is too cold to go outside and play.

3.  I Can Say Thank You Reward Chart ~ let your kids color in the circles, or place star stickers on their chart when they’ve remembered to say thank you. This chart is specifically formulated for the week of Thanksgiving (Sunday-Thursday) to help teach your children about being thankful during this holiday season.

Free Printable Pages

4.  Printable Animal Jigsaw Puzzles ~  Two printable puzzles for young kids.  The Happy Dog and the Circus Elephant both come in 6 piece sand 20 pieces to accommodate different ages and skill levels.  Perfect for printing on heavy weight card stock.  You can glue them to chipboard to increase longevity.

5.  Free Printable Charades Cards ~  All our fun charades cards in one place. Download any of our fun titles for free. Make your pick! Plus! Create your own cards with our free template and charades ideas list!

6.  Games in the grocery store printables ~ Prevent feet-dragging and whining while grocery shopping/running errands with these free printable games for your kids. I Spy These Objects game, a Price Hunt Math game, and a Color Hunt game. Ages 3-8.

7.  Printable Battleship Game ~ With this free Battleship printable, you can have hours of fun.  Print out a stack to keep handy in your game closet or just make one set, laminate and use dry erase markers and you can re-use them over and over.  Also great for the car.

Printable Activities for Pre-Schoolers

8.  Alphabet Flashcards {printable alphabet letters} ~ These adorable alphabet flashcards will make learning letters fun.  They can also work overtime in a frame on your nursery wall.

9.  Toddler Activity Book ~ Print out this little book and enjoy a whole new world with your toddler. Perfect for ages 12 months to 4 years old.

10.  Scissor Skills Worksheet for Kids ~ With all of the holiday crafting you have been doing with the kids, you may have become aware that your little one needs a little more practice with the scissors.  These free printable scissor skills worksheets are great for preschoolers, and even older kids, that need a little more practice with scissors.  There are six different worksheets to choose from.

11.  Printable Write and Wipe Book of Shape Monsters ~ Print and laminate this simple mini book for hours of fun for your little one.  Created for those toddlers who like monsters, this book will  assist them in recognizing simple shapes in fun and easy way.

12.  Pond Themed Preschool Activity Pack ~ This fun pond themed activity pack is full of puzzles and worksheets for preschool aged kids.  Lots of practice drawing shapes, counting frogs, and matching colors with these free printables.

13.  Printable Shape Scavenger Hunt ~ A printable shape scavenger hunt is a great activity for preschool to practice identifying shapes and a great project to keep bored kiddos entertained in the car, at the store, or waiting at the doctors office.  A great activity you can take anywhere!

14.  Monster Counting Printable ~ Monster themed Counting Printables to help kids learn and practice counting, as well as learn to identify numbers!

15.  Free file folder games ~ Check out these free, printable file folder games for preschool thru 2nd grade. These educational games are great for homeschooling, waiting rooms, long trips, rainy days and in the classroom.

Activities Sheets

16.  Letter Matching Printable ~ These free printable letter matching worksheets are a great way to have your preschool kids and kindergartners practice some of the skills they might forget while being home for two weeks.  They will have fun matching upper and lower case letters and playing an animal matching game with these free printables.

17.  Weather Word Search ~ A fun addition to your weather themed curriculum for school or homeschooling, this free printable word search will keep kids busy learning vocabulary words while they play.  You can also print a weather themed bingo card and concentrations cards.

18.  Printable Clock Worksheets ~ Print out these free worksheets to help teach your little one to tell time.

19.  Printable High Frequency Words ~ If you are teaching your kindergartener to read, help them memorize the words used most often, called high frequency words, with these free printable flashcards.

20.  Multiplication Flashcards ~ If you are looking for a little more multiplication fact practice for your kids, these free printable multiplication flash cards will come in handy.

21.  Alphabet Activities ~ Great free printable worksheets for preschool and kindergarten age children.  Fun activities to keep them busy during the summer, get them ready for the new school year, or supplement what they are learning in the classroom.

Kids Printable Activities

22.  Family Bingo Printable ~ This download is in pdf form and includes 6 bingo cards & instructions. Game cards are 8.5 x 11 {regular printer paper size} you can play this game by calling out the picture name {ie..house, whale} or for a little bit more of a challenge you can call out any letter from the alphabet and have players find the coordinating picture.

Printable Activities for Children

23.  Brown Bear Printable Activities ~ If you love reading the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? By Eric Carle to your little one, than you want to check out these fun free printable activities for your kids.  There is a matching game with all of the characters from the story, a coloring book, alphabet flip cards, a sequencing activity, and more.

24.  Free Printable Animal Masks ~ Cute printable animal masks.  Great for preschool, dress-up time or Halloween.

Coloring Activities For Kids

25.  The Cavity Monster Coloring Page ~ SuperBlakeBooks.com presents “Super Blake and the Cavity Monster.”  Read your kids this online story about taking care of your teeth and then let them color pictures of the characters.

26.  Color the Alphabet ~ Practice recognition of each of the letters of the alphabet with these fun alphabet coloring pages.  All 26 letters of the alphabet are available and each one is represented by an animal that your children will love coloring.

27.  Printable Stationery for Kids ~ The stationery is perfect for writing thank you notes, sharing the latest family news, or just brightening someone’s day! Also a wonderful tool to practice those cursive letters – perfect for Back to School!

28.  Kindergarten Sudoku Puzzles ~ Teach your young kids the game of sudoku with this free printable kindergarten sudoku game.  The numbers are replaced with colorful shapes to make it easier for young children to play.  Two sudoku levels to choose from.

29.  Sports & Music Practice Pages {5 Free Printables} ~ A simple and fun way to help motivate them is by showing them how to keep track of their progress. It can be with their favorite sport or even music.

Printables Activities For Kids

30.  Printable Star Wars Snowflake Templates {Printable Activities for Kids} ~ Your star war fans will love cutting out these clever star wars snowflakes using the free printable template.  There are twelve patterns to choose from.  The only problem will be convincing your Jedi to take them down after winter is over.

31.  Printable Money ~ No, it’s not real.  But it looks like it is.  Perfect for teaching your kids about currency or for them to play store with.  Jamie already jumped through all the “legal” hoops so you can print these out.

32.  Dr. Mom’s Prescription Pad ~ A free Dr. Mom Prescription Pad to write your little ones notes or reminders(a fun to do list). Dr. Mom does make house calls.

33.  Certificate of Awesomeness ~ This free printable certificate is a cute way to let your kids know that you think they are great.  You can customize the certificate with your child’s name and the reason you think they are awesome today.  This fun free printable is one you will want to use over and over again.

34.  Fun To Do Chart ~ This fun printable poster comes in five great fall colors.  Frame it and use a dry erase marker to create your own to do list of fun fall activities.  If you need some suggestions, she shares her list and a link to all of the recipes and tutorials you need to complete it.

35.  Good Deed Cards ~ A little punch card the kids can carry around and earn a prize or a treat when it’s all filled up.  I think this would also be a fun idea for homework, books read, chores done, etc .

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