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I’m an admitted COUPON JUNKIE!  My love for “cutting” transcends crafting –I love to clip coupons too!  I really love it when I save 20-40% on my grocery bill!  So I try to keep up with deals and ads of my local stores and I usually get 2-4 newspapers a week (for the coupons of course).  I trying something new with my organization…so I thought I would share these labels and you could use them as well!


EHprint Print Free File: Download

So far I have my labels attached to cardstock to create the file.  I purchased this unfinished wooden recipe box at Hobby Lobby to hold my coupons. If I left off any totally obvious labels…email me with suggestions and I’ll consider updating the file.  However, there are blank labels included that you can add your own specific stores or categories.


Simply cut these along the grey cutting marks; fold in half and glue to the top of a piece of cardstock to create each file divider.  For the size of box I used- I cut the white dividers 4″ x 7″.  I think I may use a corner rounder on the top of my dividers.  I tend to tweak as I go!

PLEASE carefully read the Terms of Use.

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  1. Thanks, I have been wanting to organize mine…just too lazy! Now I have no excuse, because I have 2 of these boxes in my to alter bin!

  2. I saw your project on One Pretty Thing and hopped over here to read about it. Organizing things (such as coupons) always makes me feel good as though I actually have some control, albeit small, over some aspects of life’s chaos. I love your file labels and am going to make a set with them for my own couponing box. Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone.

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