Best landscaping ideas to beautify your garden

You’re looking for inspiration and new ideas to beautify your garden? Whether you want to freshen it up or completely remodel it, the possibilities are endless. Remember gardening doesn’t involve merely planting, watering and pruning – there are many more ways to transform your yard or garden into your own personal Eden. The principles of landscaping resemble those of interior design and you might find yourself overwhelmed by the number of options that present themselves to you. To help you, we have narrowed down our suggestions to just a few.

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Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 1

    Rambling vines

    If you have an wrought-iron fence, rambling vines would add a nice touch to your garden and might spare you the efforts of repainting as they would completely cover the fence so that the peeling would no longer be an eye-sore. The best time of the year to plant rambling vines is in the early spring or fall when the weather is cooler. At your local gardening centre you might find a wide assortment of vines. However, our suggestion is clematis which blossoms in white, pink, blue and red and prefers moist soil. Make sure you plant your clematis next to something it can climb on. Have in mind this specific type of wine does not climb by twining itself around poles – that’s why it would be a good idea to provide with a twine, wire or some fishing line.

  • Step 2

    Hanging baskets on your porch roof

    Hanging baskets of flowers would create homely and intimate atmosphere. Make sure you allow for diversity by planting different types of flowers in your baskets. It would be best if each one contains three types of plants. First you should have the so called “spillers” – as the name suggests those literally spill from their pots or in other words they hang down; ivy, begonia, lobelia fall in this category. The second type is the “filler” like Kong coleus, which mounds from the basket. The third is the “thriller” – it grows tall in the centre. Planting flowers from all three categories will add to the volume and exuberance of your hanging baskets.

  • Step 3


    If you are willing to spend more and your garden allows it, you can always install a gazebo there – it’s the perfect addition to any garden. It pleases the eye and enhances the enjoyment of spending time in the outdoors. Gazebos can be of all shapes and sizes – round, rectangular, square, big or small. Also they are not necessarily permanent structures as the “pop-up” variety allows you to erect it whenever you want. Gardening Services Tooting Are advising you to add some curtains or screens to prevent insects from coming in. Whatever type you opt for, gazebos are the perfect spot for relaxation and rest and would also save you from the heat and the scorching sun in summer.

  • Step 4

    Rocks and gravel paths

    If your garden allows it and is spacious enough you can always make some paths out of gravel to avoid trampling your flowers. Gravel would be a much cheaper option compared to other alternatives such as tiles or flag-stones. It is used as the traditional path material in many gardens and you don’t have to be a genius to install it. Gravel paths are easier to install because they are not as deep – all you have to do is dig down a few inches. However, it demands a good base, such as solid clay. If the soil in your garden is sandy, create a base consisting of tiny stones and stones dust.
    In case there are any bare spots in your garden you can cover them with rocks. As rocks can be found practically everywhere, you won’t spend money on them which is another plus. To spice things up a little bit you can always decorate them or paint in a variety of colours of your choice.

    Whatever your choice is, don’t forget landscaping your garden is just as important as interior design. What surrounds your home and what’s inside carry equal weight with your guests, besides a beautiful garden is the perfect place to relax and collect your thoughts after a busy day.

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