Easy Blue and Gold Centerpieces


Looking for easy Blue and Gold centerpieces for your banquet?  We had a Minion theme from Despicable Me movie and these were ridiculously quick to make and made a huge impact in our boring church gym.

DIY Blue and Gold Centerpieces

Blue and Gold Centerpieces

If you’re still in the planning process for your Blue and Gold Banquet then be sure to check out my printable planner, DIY Decorations, and fun Blue and Gold Party Games for kids of all ages.  They are all in this adorable Minion party theme and were crazy fun to make.

Blue and Gold Party Games

Materials Needed:

  • Clear Jars
  • Blue Construction Paper
  • Glue Dots
  • Minion Faces {printable from Laura’s Party Shop}
  • Yellow Crinkle Paper Shreds
  • Blue Crinkle Paper Shreds
  • Yellow place-mat {optional}
  • Blue and Yellow Helium balloons {optional}

Craft Inspired By:  Despicable Me Party

Glass Minion Centerpieces

How to Make:

1. Decide on the jars.

I used the clear glass vases which I already had and used for the White Flower Bouquet DIY Centerpieces {with printable tags} that I used for a previous church event to decorate the gym.  I loved that my collection has many variety of sizes and shapes just like the Minions from Despicable Me movie.

2.  Print the eyes and mouth.

Print and cut out eyes and mouths for each Minion jar centerpieces.  I ordered the Minion Faces printable from Laura’s Party Shop on Etsy.  Currently her shop is closed. For an alternative you can use the Minion Eyeball  free printable.


Blue and Gold Centerpieces as Minions

3.  Add helium balloon with weight. {optional}

Since I was transporting a lot of glass and tons of helium balloons to a church building, I chose to tape the helium balloons to the bottom of each Blue and Gold centerpiece Minion.  It worked out just fine.  However, if you want a cleaner look you can tie the helium balloons to a weight and add them inside the jar before you add the blue and yellow embellishment.

4.  Stuff Jars with paper.

Stuff the jars first with blue crinkle paper shreds, blue tissue paper, or even candy to create the blue overalls.  Then on top add something yellow like yellow crinkle paper shreds.  I got my paper shreds at Hobby Lobby but I think Party City and Walmart both carry it as well.

Since the bottom of each Minion is blue, I chose to layer the table with a blue table cloth with a yellow paper place mat.  It helped to make the centerpieces POP in such a big room as a church gym.

Feed the Minion Bean Bag Toss Game

Tip:  If your jars are an odd shape and don’t have a bottom you can add a piece of blue construction paper to the bottom as the overalls.

Looking for a Blue and Gold program and DIY Decorations?  Then check out my other post on Blue and Gold Banquet decorations for the Cub Scouts.  Just like this one, it comes with free printables, creative ideas, a ways to decorate a gym into a fabulous party space.

Blue and Gold Centerpieces Minions
Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$25 to $50
1-2 Hours
-- Child
Activity or Game
Party Decorating

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